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Dan Henderson tops UFC 157 payouts with $250,000 guarantee

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Dan Henderson received the highest officially released salary with $250,000 at Saturday's UFC 157 show in Anaheim, Calif., according to California State Athletic Commission records released to MMA Fighting.

Henderson, and his opponent Lyoto Machida, both received a base salary, with neither of them having a win bonus. Machida earned $200,000 for his base salary.

All other fighters on the show had the usual deals with a base pay and win bonus with the exception of Robbie Lawler, who was still working on the financial terms of his Strikeforce deal which was $95,000 base pay and a $10,000 win bonus.

Commission released figures do not include bonuses, which for pay-per-view headliners, are considerable.
Ronda Rousey, the UFC women's bantamweight champion received a listed $90,000, based on a $45,000 guarantee and a $45,000 win bonus. Opponent Liz Carmouche received $12,000. The figures in both cases are likely a small percentage of their actual earnings.

Announced bonuses of $50,000, that were not included in these figures, went to Kenny Robertson for best submission, Dennis Bermudez and Matt Grice for best match, and Robbie Lawler for best knockout.

The complete listing from the show was:

Nah-Son Burrell $12,500 ($5,500 base pay; $7,000 win bonus)
Yuri Villefort $6,600

Neil Magny $16,000 ($8,000 base pay; $8,000 win bonus)
Jon Manley $8,000

Kenny Robertson $16,000 ($8,000 base pay; $8,000 win bonus)
Brock Jardine $8,000

Sam Stout $52,000 ($26,000 base pay; $26,000 win bonus)
Caros Fodor $15,000

Dennis Bermudez $20,000 ($10,000 base pay; $10,000 win bonus)
Matt Grice $8,000

Michael Chiesa $30,000 ($15,000 base pay; $15,000 win bonus)
Anton Kuivanen $8,000

Brendan Schaub $36,000 ($18,000 base pay; $18,000 win bonus)
Lavar Johnson $29,000

Robbie Lawler $105,000 ($95,000 base pay; $10,000 win bonus)
Josh Koscheck $78,000

Court McGee $40,000 ($20,000 base pay; $20,000 win bonus)
Josh Neer $16,000

Urijah Faber $100,000 ($50,000 base pay; $50,000 win bonus)
Ivan Menjivar $17,000

Lyoto Machida $200,000 (no win bonus)
Dan Henderson $250,000

Ronda Rousey $90,000 ($45,000 base pay; $45,000 win bonus)
Liz Carmouche $12,000

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