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UFC 157 results: Brendan Schaub grinds way to win over Lavar Johnson


Faced with the prospect of a three-fight losing streak and a possible pink slip, Brendan Schaub took the safest course of action against Lavar Johnson at UFC 157. He wrestled. Taking away Johnson's favored weapons -- his hands -- Schaub kept the big man on his back for long stretches of action, taking a unanimous decision victory by a trio of 30-27 scores.

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Schaub scored five takedowns in the fight and used his positional control to keep Johnson's attack stuck in neutral. That kept Johnson frustrated. He could be seen talking to Schaub from the bottom position several times, but he couldn't do much to free himself, particularly in the final two rounds.

Johnson was able to do some damage in the brief time he was able to remain upright, as he bloodied Schaub's face along the way, but Schaub was able to hold off being KO'd for a third straight time.

Schaub wasn't able to do much from inside Johnson's guard, although he did pass to side control a few times and once earned full mount. He threatened with an arm triangle on two occasions, but was never close to a submission.

Still, he did enough to win on the judges' scorecards, ensuring his continued stay under the promotion's banner.

Schaub is now 9-3 overall while Johnson fell to 17-7 with his second straight loss.

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