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UFC 168 results: Ronda Rousey armbars Miesha Tate in third round

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Miesha Tate did the impossible, it seems, but it still wasn't good enough. Despite pushing UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey to the third round of their co-main event bout at UFC 168, Tate still succumbed to the patented armbar in what was a frenetic, wild affair.

Rousey started off with a roll-through trip and scored a hard knee against Tate's midsection against the fence. She moved to pressing Tate into the fence, but they separated until Rousey was able to score something of an accidental ankle pick. Tate framed for a triangle, but Rousey resisted only to be briefly taken down before Rousey frames up her own triangle.

They briefly separated and tagged each other with jabs and straights until Rousey, not once but twice, tosses Tate to the mat. Rousey even framed for an armbar, but couldn't really finish it.

In the second round, the two traded shots, but Tate attempted a double and got absolutely tossed, but somehow Rousey backed out and let her stand up. Seconds later, Rousey scored a trip and put Tate on her back. Tate was able to stand, but was controlled against the cage and ate a series of hard punches.

Rousey won a grappling exchange, but was unable to score an armbar, but was able to finish the frame in an inverted back mounted triangle, but Tate did just enough to survive.

By the third round, Rousey took over. Tate was able to avoid a series of submission attempts, but Rousey, seemingly being reversed in position, was able to reach across, go belly down and secure the armbar. Tate tapped almost immediately. The end came officially at :58 of the third round.

Rousey moves to 8-0 in MMA while Tate slides to 13-5.

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