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Morning Report: Ronda Rousey apologizes for letting expletive slip talking Miesha Tate on SportsCenter

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Sometimes these things happen in MMA. Weight cutting, media obligations and Meisha Tate do not a happy Ronda Rousey make. While doing a quick spot of promotion on ESPN's SportsCenter for her upcoming title defense Saturday at UFC 168, women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey may have gotten just a bit excited speaking on her fiery rivalry with Tate. Asked about her take on the portrayal of the real-life drama, Rousey explained living through it has been enough for her to bear.

"I haven't read my Twitter timeline or read any articles concerning us since the beginning of August so you would probably know better than me," said Rousey. "I know what it's like for real and it's sh***y enough from my point of view so I'm sure it's even worse from people on the outside. I don't need to see it."

I guess shacking up next to your competition breeds just that sort of talk. Rousey told our Ariel Helwani Thursday afternoon that her and Tate's teams had been booked adjoining suites at the MGM Grand leading up to this weekend. Dana White expanded on the story, assuring fans it was a simple mistake on the UFC's part.

"Anybody else on this card, it wouldn't make a difference if their rooms were next door to each other. We had to screw up and put their rooms next to each other. It's true. Miesha's like, "are you serious? I'm walking outside the hotel and these guys are mad dogging me already." So we switched rooms and put Miesha in another wing of the hotel."

Hopefully we'll still get to enjoy White manning SportsCenter's Instagram account this week.



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Announced over the break (Dec. 24-26 2013)

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Today's Fanpost of the Day comes via Da Headbanger.

An Alternate Preview to UFC 168

This is it for the year. The UFC saved its biggest card for the last event of the year and to emphasize that they are even raising prices for the cost of the PPV. Minor gripes aside, this really is going to be an awesome card. There are two title fights that should have a definitive ending and a heavyweight bout to determine one of the participants in a #1 contenders match that is unlikely to go to decision. To spell it out for those of you that struggle to put two and two together, not only are the fights on the card high stakes but they should be explosive affairs as well. If you are any sort of fight fan you can not, should not, and will not miss this event.

I don't want to go into the meat and potatoes right here, so I'll shut my mouth with regards to an introduction and deliver the main course.

(C) Chris Weidman (10-0) vs. Anderson Silva (33-5), Middleweight

This could be the most anticipated rematch in the history of MMA. If it isn't, its as close as it can get to the top without reaching the plateau. Silva was undefeated in the UFC for 7 years and had a reputation of clowning many of his opponents before finishing many of them in devastating fashion. No fighter ever had a reputation as close to untouchable as he had. Then along comes Chris Weidman with his clean-cut All-American image who makes Silva pay for his clowning and disrespect by catching Silva with a left hook and putting him to sleep. Now Silva is back to reclaim his throne from the man who took it from him. If you aren't giddy (yes, I used the word giddy on an MMA preview) with anticipation you are no true fight fan.

Check out the rest of the post here.


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