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Adlan Amagov not retired, dealing with undisclosed personal issues

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

UFC welterweight rising star Adlan Amagov has not officially retired as of right now, but he is taking some time off.

On Sunday, an Instagram account that appeared to be linked to the Red Fury Fight Team announced that Amagov had suddenly retired from MMA due to religious reasons, but his co-manager Sam Kardan told on Monday that the account wasn't completely accurate and that Amagov had not retired.

However, Mike Constantino, Amagov's co-manager, admitted Amagov is currently dealing with undisclosed issues and will be taking some time off.

"He has some personal stuff going on and will be off training and fighting until he is ready to return," Constantino said. "We will reevaluate in March."

When asked if he believed Amagov would retire, Constantino replied via text message, "hope not."

Furthermore, Amagov (13-2-1) was scheduled to fight Jason High at UFC Fight Night 35 on Jan. 15, however, he recently withdrew from the fight due to what Kardan described as "family stuff." Kardan wasn't sure when Amagov would like to return to action in 2014.

The 27-year-old Chechen fighter has won his last three fights in a row, including his first two inside the Octagon.

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