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Shane del Rosario died of natural causes

Shane del Rosario died of natural causes, according to the Orange County coroner’s office. A copy of the UFC heavyweight’s death certificate was obtained by MMA Junkie, which stated that the official cause of the 30-year old fighter’s death was anoxic encephalopathy, ventricular fibrillation and Long QT syndrome.

Del Rosario suffered from brain damage due to lack of oxygen and an abnormal heart rhythm. He was found unconscious by his roommate and fellow UFC fighter Ian McCall on Nov. 26, and transported to Hoag Memorial Presbyterian Hospital in Newport Beach, where it was determined he had suffered sudden cardiac arrest. Though it was widely believed that he officially passed away on Dec. 9, the death certificate recorded Del Rosario as having passed on Dec. 3, 2013.

Though Del Rosario’s death was due to natural causes, medical examiners discovered several illegal substances in his body. Residual traces of cocaine, opiates and THC were found during a postmortem urine screen, but were not considered contributors to Del Rosario’s death. No autopsy was performed.

Del Rosario, a kickboxer at root, trained with Team Oyama in Irvine, California, alongside McCall and his jiu-jitsu instructor, Giva Santana. He had missed extended action because of back issues after a drunk driver had struck his vehicle in 2011. He was able to come back from that injury and fought twice in the UFC, against Stipe Miocic and Pat Barry respectively.

He had been slated to fight on UFC 168 before a rib injury sidelined him.

Del Rosario’s family will uphold his wishes to be an organ donor. His family has also expressed interest in starting a charitable foundation to research Long QT syndrome in his name.

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