If you're going to retire, please, just give us one more fight George

Can you imagine what it would of been like if Anderson Silva would of retired before having his re-match with Chael Sonnen at UFC 148? or how about if Frankie Edgar retired from the sport without having a re-match with Gray Maynard after their fight went to a draw? What if Jon Jones opts to move to heavyweight before ever having a re-match with Alexander Gustaffson

How would these career decisions affect how these fighters are remembered if these fighters had took the route I just mentioned above? My hypothesis is, not very well.

Johnny Hendricks did what seemed impossible. Ever since George St. Pierre took back the belt from Matt Serra, George had looked unstoppable. Most opponents that George has faced weren't even able to win one round in their fights with George (with the exeption of Shields and Condit). Nobody has looked that good against George St. Pierre during his dominant title reign. NOBODY

If George St. Pierre were to retire right now, then me personally, I would be okay with it. However I can't speak for he millions of other fans around the world or the thousands of people who actually scored the fight for Johnny Hendricks. My guess is, if George were to retire right now, it would leave a very sour taste in the mouths of many MMA fans around the world. Here is why:

1.) Perhaps the most obvious of reasons, it was a darn good fight. It was highly competitive, and there are those who feel Johnny deserves this re-match. He would be walking away from the sport without giving the one guy who has nearly knocked him off his throne a chance to redeem himself

2.) He never gave us his retirement fight. He kind of surprised us all. One night he just showed up and after the fight he said , "Hey, im taking a break. I might come back, I might not. "

I don't believe that's the best way to go about leaving the sport. It's still not clear whether or not George will return to the octagon. If he chooses to retire, so be it, but he will definitely be leaving a sour taste in the mouths of MMA fans. Maybe he leaves a sweet taste in our mouths by coming back for one more fight. His retirement fight. I hope he does. As a fan of George St. Pierre, seeing him call it quits win or lose after giving Johnny Hendricks one more shot at the title would be one hell of a way to put a end to an incredible fight career.