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Edson Barboza vs. Danny Castillo full fight video highlights

Watch Edson Barboza vs. Danny Castillo full fight video highlights from UFC on Fox 9's main card above, courtesy of FOX Sports.

UFC on Fox 9 took place December 14, 2013 at the Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento, Calif. In a pitched battle that saw both men nearly finish the other, Castillo ultimately lost a decision and dropped to 16-6 in professional MMA. With the win. Barboza climbed to 13-1. Catch the video highlights above.

For more on Barboza's victory over Castillo, check out the live play-by-play from Shaun Al-Shatti:

Round 1: Mike Beltran is the referee for this featherweight fight. Barboza throwing on-point jabs and lands a crisp spinning back kick to the midsection. Castillo's giving up no quarter though. He tags Barboza something fierce with a monster right hand to the ear, follows up, lands a takedown, and gets a rear-naked choke. The crowd absolutely explodes for the hometown favorite. Castillo raining down left hands. Barboza trying to weather the storm. Barboza tries to tie him up for a triangle. Trying to get back to his feet, but Castillo keeps landing big lefts. Castillo mounts his back and has a tight choke briefly, but he slips out. Now Castillo is landing lefts. One minute left. Barboza manages to get a heel hook briefly, but Castillo is back at it. Barboza cut wide open, but he's throwing up kicks. Huge ovation at the end of the round. MMAFIghting scores the round for Castillo, 10-8.

Round 2: We'll find out soon if Castillo punched himself out in round one. Barboza throws one of his patented brutal leg kicks. Then another one. And another one. And a fourth. Barboza sprawls a takedown. Castillo with a left which opens a fresh cut on Barboza's forehead. Barboza misses a low spinning kick, slips, then darts out of the way before Castillo can capitalize. Barboza with another leg kick and flicks a front kick. Barboza wobbles Castillo with a big right hands. Castillo hits the mat. Barboza maneuvers into a deep choke. Castillo gets out of it. 30 seconds left. Castillo trying to rideo out the round. Barboza stands. Barboza whiffs on a big high kick. MMAFighting scores the round for Barboza, 10-9 (19-18 Castillo overall).

Round 3: Barboza continues chopping at Castillo with low kicks. But Castillo connects with a right which pushes Barboza backwards. Barboza fakes a left hand and delivers on a right. Barboza circling away, throwing fewer kicks. Castillo tries for a takedown, but Barboza sprawls. Castillo connects with a right hand. Barboza with a brutal kick and another one to the solar plexus. 90 seconds left. Barboza tags Castillo with a left on the button. Barboza wobbles Castillo with a spinning back kick. Barboza with a takedown, but Castillo is right back to his feet. Castillo throws a high kick. Fight comes to an end.MMAFIghting scores the round for Barboza, 10-9 (28-28 overall).

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