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UFC Fight Night 32 results: Cezar Ferreira takes split decision win over Daniel Sarafian

Jason da Silva-USA TODAY Sports

It may be time for Daniel Sarafian to consider welterweight. In a bout where he was admittedly not badly outmatched but hugely outsized, he dropped a decision to Cezar Ferreira at UFC Fight Night 32 in Goiania, Brazil on Saturday night.  The judges scored it 29-28 Sarafian, 30-27 Ferreira and 30-28 Ferreira given the Blackzillian the split decision victory.

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In the firs round, Sarafian pressed Mutante into the fence, but couldn't score the takedown. Referee Yamasaki separated them, however, and now Mutante pressed Sarafian into the fence. Sarafian dropped for the takedown, but couldn't get it and they went back to clinching before separating. They both were content to wing huge shots from the outside and both came very close to landing something huge, Mutante with a head kick left hand combination at the end of the round.

By round two, a new pattern emerged. Ferreira ran through a power a double and planted Sarafian on his back. And that would come to define the complexion of the second frame. Mutante, outside of a couple of hard strikes where he was wobbled, would spend the majority of his time on top of Sarafian trying to pass, but at least controlling position.

In the third frame, Sarafian would open the round with pressure, but Mutante would try to stifle it with top pressure after securing another takedown. Referee Yamasaki would eventually stand them up, but Ferreira wasted no time in putting Sarafian immediately on his back again. Mutante eventually took the back of Sarafian standing trying to secure a rear naked choke, but couldn't get it before the round expired.

Mutante moves to 7-2 in MMA while Sarafian drops to 8-4.

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