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UFC Fight Night 32 results: Rafael Feijao stops Igor Pokrajac with strikes in the first


There aren't many cards where fighters tap out to strikes two fights in a row, but not many cards are UFC Fight Night 32. In a bout filled with redemption, Rafael Cavalcante stopped Igor Pokrajac with strikes in less than two minutes, forcing Pokrajac to tap to strikes.

The UFC veteran started out taking to Feijao, but couldn't land anything of significance as the Brazilian covered up and circled out.

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The two eventually found themselves clinched against the fence as Pokrajac pressed forward, but it would not be to his benefit. Feijao was able to secure the Thai plum where he scored a number of hard shots to the body of Pokrajac that had him stumbling back.

Feijao eventually rocked Pokrajac and followed up with a hard series of punches that had Pokrajac crumpled over on his knees where he then tapped to strikes.

The end came officially at 1:18 of the very first round.

"I was very well prepared. I think I was lacking dedication, and I fixed it. I reset my goals, and I started it differently. Fighting here in Brazil is priceless, having the Brazilian crowd and this energy. All of my friends are here. Half this arena is here to see me. I'm the best 'Feijao' I've ever been," Feijao said after the fight.

Feijao moves to 12-4 with 1 no contest in MMA. Pokrajac slides to 25-11 with 1 no-contest.

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