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UFC Fight Night 32 results: Brandon Thatch stops Paulo Thiago with brutal liver shot

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

If you haven't familiarized yourself with the name Brandon Thatch, now is a good time to start. The upstart MMA prospect scored an incredible submission win due to strikes after blasting Paulo Thiago with a step-through knee that landed as a perfect liver shot at UFC Fight Night 32 in Goiania, Brazil on Saturday night.

The bout began with both Thatch and Thiago trying to score strikes from the outside, but neither were really able to land anything of significance.

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Thiago eventually but briefly scored a takedown and Thatch returned to his feet. It's here where the beginning of the end was met.

Thatch pushed Thiago towards the fence and scored an utterly brutal step through knee that landed as a liver shot. Without a moment's hesitation, the Brazilian dropped to his knees and tapped to the pain. A few perfunctory hammerfists from Thatch landed, but the bout was quickly halted.

The end came officially at 2:10 of the first round.

"I’m happy with the win, but I feel I got a little sloppy towards the end there. I want to take the next couple of months to get back to basics and get more disciplined. I am happy with the win though. To be honest, I’m excited to go grab a beer. When I heard the cheers for Paulo, I pretended it was for me," Thatch said after the fight.

Thatch jumps to 11-1 in MMA while Thiago slides to 15-6.

"It was a tough fight, like all the ones I’ve had in the UFC. Unfortunately, it didn't work out for me," Thiago said.

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