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UFC Fight Night 32 results: Jeremy Stephens blasts Rony Jason in less than a minute

Rafael Suanes-US PRESSWIRE

That didn't take long.

While not every weight class drop serves the interests of the fighter making the cut down, Jeremy Stephens is full steam ahead at featherweight after his 40 second, first-round blistering knockout of Rony Jason at UFC Fight Night 32 in Goiania, Brazil.

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There wasn't too much to the bout, really. The two opened feeling each other out with Stephens doing the stalking. As Jason reached for an overhand right, Stephens met him with a rising knee that wobbled the Brazilian badly. This sent the Brazilian crashing to the mat where Stephens followed up with a giant overhand right to the prostrate Jason. At that point, the referee had no choice but to halt the bout.

Stephens wins by knockout and his record climbs to 22-9. Jason drops to 13-4.

"I didn't expect it to end like that, but I`m excited it did. I was able to use faints to set him up and he did, so I was able to time my kick perfectly. It was all technique I worked on with my coaches," Stephens said after the fight.

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