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UFC Fight for the Troops 3 undercard live blog: Krause vs. Green, More

Bobby Green and James Krause will headline the UFC Fight for the Troops 3 undercard.
Bobby Green and James Krause will headline the UFC Fight for the Troops 3 undercard.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

This is the UFC Fight for the Troops 3 undercard live blog for the UFC Fight for the Troops 3 event at Fort Campbell in Fort Campbell, Ky.

There will be eight fights on the UFC Fight for the Troops 3 undercard. James Krause vs. Bobby Green, George Roop vs. Francisco Rivera, Dennis Bermudez vs. Steven Siler, Germaine de Randamie vs. Amanda Nunes, Chris Camozzi vs. Lorenz Larkin, Yves Edwards vs. Yancy Madeiros, Neil Magny vs. Seth Baczynski, and
Derek Brunson vs. Brian Houston will be featured on the prelims.

Check out the UFC Fight for the Troops 3 undercard below.

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Derek Brunson vs. Brian Houston
Round 1: We're off. Huge head kick instantly floors Houston. Brunson leaps onto his back and sinks in a rear-naked choke. It's under the neck. This one could be over. Houston is fighting this off valiantly. Brunson continues to adjust and finally, there's the tap. Wow, hell of a way to start.  

Derek Brunson def. Brian Houston via submission (rear-naked choke) at 0:48 of round one. 

Neil Magny vs. Seth Baczynski
Round 1: Big John McCarthy is our referee. Both fighters trade leg kicks. Baczynski whiffs on a looping right. Magny closes the distance against the fence. Baczynski reverses. Short knees to the body from Magny, who gets double underhooks then reverses. McCarthy calls for action. And there's the split. Baczynski wings a one-two in the center of the cage. Baczynski pressures forward and Magny cliches. More fighting for position against the cage. The crowd is getting restless here. McCarthy wants action. Magny peppering Baczynski with short shots, but nothing significant. And McCarthy steps in. Baczynski dives for a double leg, hoists Magny over his head, then slams him down. Magny lands a hard shot from the bottom. Baczynski postures up and dives into half guard, now full mount. Slick transition. Baczynski postures up and rains down body shots. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Baczynski.

Round 2: Baczynski headhunting early with his right hand. Baczynski stuffs a takedown and muscles Magny against the fence. McCarthy calls for action again. No tolerance for cage grappling today. Big John split them up. Baczynski wades in and connects on a hard right hand. Magny fights off a takedown then hunts for a single against the fence. Baczynski defends and reverses. More fence work and McCarthy isn't having it. He splits it. Good right hand from Magny, who then reverses a takedown. Baczynski climbs back to his feet but eats another right hand off the break. Magny's tape is loose on his gloves. McCarthy stops the action and fixed it. We're back, and Baczynski lunges into a double. He gets it, diving into full guard. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Magny. (19-19 overall.)

Round 3: Baczynski's corner calling for urgency. Magny catches a kick, but Baczynski twirls out and bullrushes into the clinch against the fence. Baczynski drops for a single but can't get it. McCarthy wants work. Magny releases to the center of the cage. Baczynski lunges for another double, then takes Magny's back standing and almost pulls him down. Magny instantly pops to his feet but winds up with his back against the fence. McCarthy splits it up. Baczynski dives right back into a double and finally gets it. Magny working double butterflies from the bottom. Baczynski postures up then dives back into guard. Magny with wrist control on Baczynski's right hand. Magny pushes Baczynski off then jumps to his feet. Baczynski not giving him an inch against the fence. Magny reverses then powers Baczynski to the mat. Baczynski back to his feet, only to get slammed down. Wild scramble ends with Baczynski hunting for a standing guillotine. Magny defends but ends with his back once again against the fence. Huge flurry at the end hurts Baczynski. Wow, that might've stolen it. Close fight, but Magny wins on damage for me. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Magny. (29-28 Magny.)

Seth Baczynski def. Neil Magny via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Yves Edwards vs. Yancy Madeiros
Round 1: Big John is once again our referee. Medeiros pressuring forward with hard combinations. Medeiros not giving Edwards an inch. Medeiros rockets a front kick straight down the middle, then wades forward with his jab. Edwards fires back with a solid one-two. Edwards unleashes a kick into Medeiros' midsection. Edwards going over the top with a right hook. Medeiros with another front kick. Big knee blasts Medeiros. Wild exchange here. Edwards slips. Edwards tags Medeiros with another right hook, and once again Medeiros nods his head. Huge counter left uppercut crumbles Edwards! Medeiros lunges on top and unloads a finishing salvo. That's all she wrote.

Yancy Medeiros def. Yves Edwards via KO (punches) at 2:47 of round one.

Chris Camozzi vs. Lorenz Larkin
Round 1: Herb Dean is the man in charge. Larkin with an early leg kick. Larkin goes up high, Camozzi counters with a kick to the thigh. Larkin misses a wild capoeira kick. Larkin blasts Camozzi with a hard straight right! Camozzi tumbles down. Larkin lets him up. Larkin pressures forward and connects on a stiff counter. Camozzi measuring distance, then rushes inside. Larkin smiles and shakes his head. Camozzi continues to work low kicks. Solid jab from Camozzi. Larkin fires back. Big flying knee from Camozzi. Larkin rockets a kick into Camozzi's midsection then follows it up with punches. Camozzi separates. Larkin rips an uppercut up the middle. Hard, hard body kick from Larkin. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Larkin.

Round 2: Camozzi's corner calls for low kicks and he delivers. Larkin stalks forward. Tons of low kicks from both men. Big straight right backs up Camozzi. Camozzi wades inside with a flying knee. Larkin ties up and powers Camozzi against the fence. Blood is leaking out of Camozzi's nose. Larkin releases and goes back to working his kicks. Camozzi counters with an inside leg kick. Hard straight left cracks Larkin. Camozzi ducks under a wild right and fires back. Larkin darts inside but Camozzi avoids any damage and reverses him against the fence. Big short elbow inside from Larkin. And another. Larkin and Camozzi trade high kicks. Wild exchange closes out the round. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Larkin. (20-18 Larkin.)

Round 3: Larkin with a turning side kick to the thigh, then goes high, then goes for a Mortal Kombat style sweep low kick. That was fun. Camozzi wades inside with heavy shots. Larkin connects to the body, then eats a straight right. Big right hand from Larkin in response. Larkin continues to stalk forward. Camozzi wings a kick to the body then ties up. Larkin lands a knee to the body inside the clinch, then a huge, huge short elbow. Heavy shot there. Camozzi reverses against the fence. His face is bloodied. Larkin calls for the crowd to roar, and again. Camozzi just hanging on. Larkin reverses. Another short elbow by Larkin. Camozzi eats a knee. Spinning back elbow from Larkin. Whew, great performance. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Larkin. (30-27 Larkin.)

Lorenz Larkin def. Chris Camozzi via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Germaine de Randamie vs. Amanda Nunes
Round 1: Herb Dean is our referee. Nunes misses high, then goes low. De Randamie stalking forward. Nunes closes the distance and works for a single. De Randamie fights it off but eventually succumbs. Nunes slowly transitions into full mount. Nunes postures up and unloads a salvo of punches. Nunes has a ton of time to work. De Randamie eats another flurry. Nunes relentless with hammerfists. Only a few are getting through but this pace is furious. Dean warns de Randamie to fight back. More hammerfists and short elbows from Nunes. De Randamie isn't hurt, but Dean has seen enough.

Amanda Nunes def. Germaine de Randamie via TKO (strikes) at 3:56 of round one.

Dennis Bermudez vs. Steven Siler
Round 1: Mario Yamasaki is the man in charge. Bermudez cracks Siler with a straight left, then pumps his jab. Bermudez changes levels for a double and gets it, landing in half guard. Siler regains his full guard, then stands. Bermudez blasts Siler with a knee to the cup. Oomph, that looked painful. Siler takes a moment to collect himself, and we're back. Siler blocks a high kick. Bermudez goes over the top with a left, then dives for a double. Siler sinks in a deep guillotine. Bermudez squirms out. That was close. Wild scramble. Siler locks onto a triangle. Bermudez stands and slams Siler to the mat. Furious pace here. Bermudez works from top position, then stands and drops back down with his own guillotine. Bermudez rolls Siler over into full mount, still clutching the guillotine. Siler sweeps into top position then wriggles out of the guillotine. We're back to our feet. Siler jumps another into guillotine attempt attempt but Bermudez shakes it off. Wow, what a round. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Bermudez.

Round 2: Bermudez launches into a superman punch then slips throwing a high kick. Siler dives on top but then lets him up. Bermudez clinches, then drops for a double leg. He avoids another guillotine and gets the takedown, landing in full guard. Siler uses butterfly guard to stand. Bermudez trips him back down, once again landing in guard. Bermudez covering Siler's mouth and unloading short punches. Siler nearly whirled to Bermudez's back, but Bermudez recognized it and clamped down from top position. Bermudez working for a neck crank from half guard. Siler pops his head out and regains his guard. Bermudez stands, eats a short punch, then drops for a single. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Bermudez. (20-18 Bermudez.)

Round 3: Hard right hand crushes Siler. Bermudez drops for a double. Siler sprawls and hunts for a guillotine. Bermudez whirls out then stands. One-two whiffs for Bermudez. Siler catches Bermudez coming in with a flurry. Counter right connects for Siler, and another. Bermudez closes the distance and hunts for a trip. He can't get it. Siler throws out a few low kicks. Bermudez swinging for the fences but can't land. Bermudez wades forward, eats a jab, then counters. Bermudez changes levels but Siler shakes off the takedown attempt. Bermudez ducks under a punch and drives Siler to the mat, landing in top position. Siler stands. Bermudez grasps for a standing guillotine. Jesus, that's tight. Siler scrambles out. Slugfest to the finish! Super fun fight. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Bermudez. (30-27 Bermudez.)

Dennis Bermudez def. Steven Siler via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

George Roop vs. Francisco Rivera
Round 1: Mario Yamasaki our third man in the cage. Rivera blocks a high kick. Roop eats a huge two-shot combination. Rivera charges forward and muscles Roop against the fence. Another big shot staggers Roop, who drops for a double and gets it. Roop slowly working to Rivera's back. Rivera fights it off then scrambles to his feet. Roop powers Rivera to the cage wall. Yamasaki splits it up, much to the delight of the crowd. Rivera swinging for the fences but can't connect. Rivera eats a jab and unloads a heavy counter right. Rivera blocks a high kick. Rivera sprawls a takedown then unleashes a flurry. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Rivera.

Round 2: Rivera immediately winging heavy leather. Roop misses a flying knee and eats a big right. Rivera stalks forward and misses a high kick. Roop circles and jabs. And there's a low kick right to Rivera's groin. Big groan from the crowd during the replay. That one wasn't pretty. We're back. Roop tosses out a front kick. Rivera lunges into a right but can't connect. Rivera wants this knockout. Whoa, huge shot stumbles Roop! Rivera pouring it on against the fence. Roop collapses then retakes his feet. Big, big punches. Rivera smells blood and topples him once more. That's it. Incredible sequence there.

Francisco Rivera def. George Roop via TKO (strikes) at 2:20 of round two.

James Krause vs. Bobby Green

Round 1: Dave Doyle checking in here for the final undercard fight. "Big" John McCarthy is the referee for this lightweight fight. Krause is more active in the early going, throwing kicks low and high. Green's first strike of the fight, meanwhile is a field goal of a kick to the groin. Time out. Green gets off with a warning. Back to action. Pace picks up, with both guys throwing strikes right up the middle. Both guys are throwing punches and occasional kicks, but with two minutes left, neither has a distinct advantage. Guess what? Green channels his performance in Affliction against Dan Lauzon and kicks Krause low again. This time, Green is deducted a point. Right back to work, and Green immediately kicks Krause borderline low again. While at first it appeared McCarthy was going to disqualify Green, it ended up with Krause saying he can't continue and McCarthy waving off the fight.

Bobby Green def. James Krause via TKO at 3:50 of round one.

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