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Dana White explains Cain Velasquez's absence in EA Sports UFC cover vote

EA Sports

While one-half of the cover for EA Sports' upcoming UFC video game has already been claimed by light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, the other half remains up for grabs.

Throughout November, fans are able to vote for an additional cover athlete via a 16-fighter tournament. Noticeably absent from the bracket, however, is UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez.

Representatives from EA Sports have stated that the team was unable to reach a deal with Velasquez, though UFC President Dana White sees it differently.

"I would like Cain to be in there, but I think there were other reasons for Cain not coming to a deal," White said on Tuesday.

"I just think that Cain felt that he's the heavyweight champion, and he doesn't want to be in a vote to see if he should be on the cover. I think that was his (mindset), and what am I going to do about that? Am I going to disagree with him? He's like, ‘I'm the heavyweight champion. I've got to be voted on whether I should be on the cover of the game? The heavyweight champ? If you don't think I should be, then I don't want to be in a vote.' I can't blame him for that."

EA Sports' tournament includes all seven other officials UFC titleholders, not including interim bantamweight champ Renan Barao, leading some to speculate whether Velasquez's polarizing ‘Brown Pride' tattoo is the reason behind the American's absence.

Velasquez's tattoo is displayed prominently on his chest, and thus would be sprawled out front and center on the video game cover if he were selected. White, though, dispels the idea of the tattoo being an issue.

"Oh, hell no," White laughed. "Nobody has a problem (with that). Only idiots on the internet have a problem with that."

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