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Chinzo Machida: Lyoto told me to use the flying knee

Jorge Ulisses, MMA Para

Chinzo Machida is back to the win column, and he did it in devastating fashion.

The older brother of former UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida needed only one round to put Brian Wood out cold with a flying knee at Resurrection Fighting Alliance 11 in Broomfield, Colo.

"I was doing well, then I connected the knee and it was over," Chinzo Machida told "It was a nice knockout. Everybody’s talking about it."

Chinzo Machida (2-2 in MMA) added another win to his record eight years after a TKO victory at Jungle Fight 4 in 2005, but he wasn’t obsessed by the need of scoring a stoppage win.

"I was focused to get the win. I wasn’t worried to get a knockout or something like that," he said. "I went there to do my job, to do my best, and it all happened naturally."

Chinzo Machida revealed his younger brother told him to use the flying knee when Wood went for a takedown, and it worked out perfectly.

"Lyoto and Kenny Johnson, my wrestling coach, told me that he was a wrestler, so that type of knee is a good way to counter against a wrestler," he said. "One week before the fight, Lyoto told me to work more on that. I trained it a little, but I didn’t train the way it happened in the fight."

Machida’s win at RFA happened less than a month after his brother’s first-round knockout over Mark Munoz at UFC Fight Night 30, but the featherweight liked his finish more.

"Two consecutive knockout wins are something positive for the family," Chinzo said. "A head kick is nice, but that’s too common. A flying knee is tougher to connect perfectly. My knockout was better, but Lyoto’s was nice too [laughs]. I’ll choose mine this time [laughs]."

Chinzo Machida wants to return to the cage as soon as possible, and he expects a busier 2014.

"I spoke with Ed Soares and asked to fight more often," he said. "He’s planning 10 or 12 events next year, so I want to fight three or four times. I already wanted to fight in January, but I believe the card is completed already so I should fight again in March or April."

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