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Morning Report: Michael Bisping believes Tim Kennedy is beneath him, but happy to pick up easy payday

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Still intent on someday holding UFC gold, perennial middleweight contender Michael Bisping says he's willing to step back from the title hunt to resolve personal business with Tim Kennedy. On the mend rehabbing an injured eye, Bisping tells Bloody Elbow he's happy to oblige Kennedy's attempt at garnering attention.

Tim Kennedy is beneath me as a fighter 100%, but if you make enough noise about it, eventually, I'm going to have to shut him up. Now, he's getting his own way, even though he's not somebody I would choose to fight at this point in my career.

I want to punch him in the face so bad that I'm going to do it in the Octagon professionally, and if you look at the trend of these people calling me out, it never really ends well for them. Tim Kennedy, if you've got a set of balls, call Dana White and ask for the fight, and I'll see you in the Octagon. Then you can shut the f*ck up, once and for all. How about that Bloody Elbow? Put that one in your pipe and smoke it! [Laughs heartily]

Bisping admits fighting Kennedy may not be the best choice for his career, but that it's still a win win.

I want to fight for the title in 2014. That's my real focus, but Tim Kennedy has been going on so much that I'll put that off to one side. That guy has been at it non-stop, and enough is enough. Either I whip his ass in the Octagon, or I'll end up having to be held responsible for my actions if I see him in the street. Fighting and beating Tim Kennedy isn't going to get me closer to a title shot, but on the flip side, since I'm currently taking some time to rehab my eye, it will be a nice little comeback match, because I really do believe I can beat Tim Kennedy while standing on my head. I'll still train accordingly, pick up a nice's a win-win.

Currently ranked the UFC's No. 4 middleweight, Bisping hasn't competed since April's UFC 159 but plans to return in March 2014. Kennedy, ranked No. 10, recently improved to 2-0 in the UFC with a highlight reel knockout of Rafael Natal at UFC: Fight for the Troops 3 earlier this month.



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Today's Fanpost of the Day comes via leriksson.

The Enormous Potential of the UFC Women's Strawweight Division - Lengthy and Deep Analysis

If you haven't heard yet, Dana White has stated that the UFC is looking into creating the women's strawweight (115lbs) division in 2014.

This is gigantic news for WMMA, and just one of the signs, that WMMA is gaining ground, and quick. Only about two years ago, did all-female promotion, Invicta FC, come in on the backs of the strong leadership from Shannon Knapp, and put on there first event. Fast forward to today, and it's great to see the UFC recognizes the talent available at 115lbs.

So what does this mean for Invicta and it's surrounding weight classes?

Well, as we saw with UFC's 135lbs inclusion, girls from 145 and and 125 moved down and up to fight in the UFC. Germaine de randamie, Jessica Andrade, Rosi Sexton among others.

As for invicta Shannon released this statement, which was essentially saying they have a great working relationship with the UFC and will continue to put on events and strawweight fights.


Check out the rest of the post here.


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