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Ben Askren to meet with UFC in Las Vegas next week; Dana White still not interested in making a deal


Ben Askren's goal of fighting in the UFC isn't dead yet, but it appears to be on life support.

Askren is scheduled to meet with UFC chairman and CEO Lorenzo Fertitta in Las Vegas on Monday, UFC president Dana White confirmed after first learned of the meeting through sources. White said he won't physically be at the meeting, but he'll join them via telephone.

When contacted by, Askren would not confirm or deny the information.

Where this developing story gets interesting is that White still maintains the promotion will not sign the former Bellator welterweight champion.

"We're gonna meet with him on Monday," White said. "We're just not going to sign him. He can go to World Series of Fighting where there's actually some competition for him. There's no competition for him at that other place [Bellator].

"At least at WSOF he can get some competition and test himself."

Askren, who is currently an unrestricted free agent after Bellator released him last week, has officially received an offer from WSOF, but it appears as though his heart is still set on fighting in the UFC.

"I always have been clear with my motivations and what I want to do," he said on Monday's episode of "The MMA Hour." "I don't try to hide my feelings or what I think. I want to beat the number 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 guys and think I can."

Askren even offered to fight Rory MacDonald in his UFC debut with the stipulation that he'll retire from the sport and fight for free if he lost. White was not interested in that offer.

WSOF is still very much interested in signing "Funky" after making an initial offer to him last week.

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