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Morning Report: Johny Hendricks firm in belief he beat Georges St-Pierre at UFC 167, says injured knee not an issue

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

It should come as no surprise that Johny Hendricks' feelings regarding his UFC 167 bout with welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre haven't changed since Saturday. Steadfast in his belief he was wronged by three misguided judges in Nevada, Hendricks still feels he dominated the match from word go. Speaking with Chael Sonnen on UFC Tonight, Hendricks disagrees with the idea he won the fight, but lost the game.

"No, I have not re-watched the fight, but I know you're wrong, Chael," says Hendricks. "I out-struck him. I out-jabbed him. I landed combinations. He couldn't take me down. He took me down once in the first 10 seconds, who cares. I made the correction. He couldn't take me down no more. I took him down. I was able to hold him down, do ground and pound. He looked like he got hit with a sledgehammer multiple times in the face and I had a little bruise.

I pretty much won the fight everywhere it could go and it just didn't go on the scorecards. I felt like I had won [rounds] one, two and four, guaranteed. Those were my strong rounds. I give him three and five just because, just because he's the champ. Even in the fifth round, I thought I did enough to win it. Realistically, I give myself four to one. That's all I'm going to give to Georges St-Pierre. Next time, I don't plan on giving any to him."

With fans and pundits calling round one the deciding factor, Hendricks says even the most contested stanza should not have weighed as heavy.

"Yea, it's a fight. Any round can be argued. You're going against the champ. I clearly won those. He took me down in the first 10 seconds, he rode me out for what? 10 seconds? I got back to my feet and then at that point I took over the fight. It was mine from there on. I'm not going to concede to the first round. That was probably the closest round he could have gotten, but yea, I thought I definitely won that fight."

Being informed that a FOX poll revealed 71% of the U.S. believed he won the bout, Hendricks doesn't believe the controversy is taking away from an incredible fight.

"He fought a good fight, I just fought a better one. The country knows that. The fans are right on this one. Then again, everybody's human. The judges are human. They might have seen it that way but I'm glad that the fans are on my side."

Despite the Nevada State Athletic Commission's medical report barring Hendricks from fighting until May 2014 without clearance from an orthopedist, he sounds well enough to begin training again shortly.

"I played golf [Wednesday]. My knee is fine. I tell the Nevada state commission, if anything is wrong with me, I'm going to tell them. Because, wrestlers, sometime's we're too tough for our own good. So I told them about my knee because I knew it would make me get it checked out."



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Today's Fanpost of the Day comes via 1vinny1.

UFC 167 GSP vs Hendricks Commentating wasn't impartial

To start with I through Hendricks won the fight.

However after watching the fight again with and without sound, with sound I got Hendricks winning rounds 1, 2, 4 without I got rounds 1, 3, 5 for GsP so it comes down to round 1. If you watch it with sound all you hear is Rogan and Goldberg say that's a hard knee or a hard elbow whenever Hendricks does either which gives the viewer the impression that he is doing more damage than GsP.

If you watch the 1st round without sound you got Gsp with a takedown then the submission attempt, you got a large amount of the round with both fighters pressuring each other for control which i would give it even you got Hendricks landing 5 good elbows to Gsp while been pressed against the cage, you got Hendricks with a takedown which he didn't do much with besides one elbow then you got Gsp using kicks and jabs to keep the distance followed by a bit more pressuring for control with a couple knees by both fighters then you got Hendricks going for knockout with some haymakers however not landing anything major and Gsp landing 2 head kicks one of which was blocked and then it ending with Gsp using his jab and kicks to keep the distance and Hendricks landing a couple leg kicks and still going for the big shot but not landing.

So it comes down to the commentating with sound Hendricks without GSP, it sounds stupid pun intended but that's what it came down to.

Check out the rest of the post here.


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