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Dana White stands by his GSP comments: 'He made a big mistake'

Esther Lin

At Saturday night's UFC 167 press conference in Las Vegas, UFC president Dana White caused controversy with his heated tone toward welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and his undefined hiatus from the company.

On Wednesday's edition of UFC Tonight on FOX Sports 1, White doubled down on his comments, saying that St-Pierre's comments were out of line.

"First of all I'm the guy who talks about GSP all the time," White said. "Talks what an amazing champion he's been, how amazing of a champion he's been, how he represents the sport, the title, the brand his country, his list goes on and on.

"But, he made a big mistake, when he said what he said," White continued. "Shouldn't have said it, didn't make sense, and it left everyone wondering what was going on, including me."

White seemed most bothered by the substantial brushback he's received to his opinion, stated at the press conference, that St-Pierre owes the sport.

"When we talk about ‘GSP doesn't owe you anything,' You're wrong," said White. "Here's the reality. GSP took almost a year and a half off. And he's had two fights [actually three] since then, since he tore his ACL out. When you fight in this sport, there's a small opportunity for people, and there's a lineup of people who want a shot at the UFC 170-pound title. You can't just say I'm going to put this on hold because you have personal problems. You can't do that. No, you cannot. You can't do that."

The UFC president reiterated his belief that St-Pierre will return to the Octagon for a Hendricks rematch.

"There will be a rematch," White said. "GSP did not retire on Saturday night."

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