UFC 167 GSP vs Hendricks Commentating wasn't impartial

To start with I through Hendricks won the fight.

However after watching the fight again with and without sound, with sound I got Hendricks winning rounds 1, 2, 4 without I got rounds 1, 3, 5 for GsP so it comes down to round 1. If you watch it with sound all you hear is Rogan and Goldberg say that's a hard knee or a hard elbow whenever Hendricks does either which gives the viewer the impression that he is doing more damage than GsP.

If you watch the 1st round without sound you got Gsp with a takedown then the submission attempt, you got a large amount of the round with both fighters pressuring each other for control which i would give it even you got Hendricks landing 5 good elbows to Gsp while been pressed against the cage, you got Hendricks with a takedown which he didn't do much with besides one elbow then you got Gsp using kicks and jabs to keep the distance followed by a bit more pressuring for control with a couple knees by both fighters then you got Hendricks going for knockout with some haymakers however not landing anything major and Gsp landing 2 head kicks one of which was blocked and then it ending with Gsp using his jab and kicks to keep the distance and Hendricks landing a couple leg kicks and still going for the big shot but not landing.

So it comes down to the commentating with sound Hendricks without GSP, it sounds stupid pun intended but that’s what it came down to.