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Morning Report: Joe Rogan calls for Georges St-Pierre to retire, says Johny Hendricks never tapped during first round

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Speaking with The Opie & Anthony Show Monday morning, UFC color commentator Joe Rogan believes UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre not only lost his title to Johny Hendricks at UFC 167, but that he should walk away from the sport. Hendricks appeared to have decisively dominated much of the action during the five-round main event, but St-Pierre was awarded a split decision victory.

"I think Georges should retire," said Rogan. "One of the reasons I think Georges should retire is he was on my podcast and he was talking about being abducted by aliens. I was going, 'you think you've been abducted by aliens?' He starts talking about missing time. He started talking about driving his car and all of a sudden he's at home and he has no idea [how] he got there. I think it's head kicks."

"That fight he had some serious memory loss (at UFC 167). I think he's taken too many shots. An interesting statistic is that Georges has taken more punches and kicks in the last three fights than any of his fights, ever. In fact, 50% of the shots he's taken his entire career were in the last three fights. I think he should get out. I know the UFC probably doesn't want to hear me say that. I know that could be a huge rematch."

"I think they should just give Johny Hendricks the belt. I think Johny Hendricks won that fight. I think there's real problems with judging and I don't think there should be a way for a guy to win a fight, but yet lose a fight."

Rogan also addresses the controversy alleging Hendricks tapped to St-Pierre during the first round. While Hendricks' positioning is fairly common in grappling (wrist to hip near side, deep underhook far side) some fans believed he was submitting to a choke.

"I read a lot of really f***ing dumb people who thought [Hendricks] tapped in the first round. He did not tap in the first round. People are f***ing retarded. He's trying to figure out what to do with his hips. When you've got a guy on top of you, he's mounting you and trying to choke you, the options are two fold. One, you've got to figure out how to push him off you and two, you've got to figure out how to separate the choke."

"He's gotta figure out what to do. So he's in the middle of deciding 'how tight is this choke' and that depends which way he's twisting his neck. Can he twist his neck out of it? Can he tuck the chin? Should he put his hands on his hips or should he grab the choke? He probably had a moment of hesitation. He didn't tap. You don't tap that quick. The only way you tap that quick is if a guy is ripping your f***ing neck off your head."

Although UFC president Dana White claims to be confident a rematch will take place, St-Pierre's post-fight comments seemed to allude to major personal issues burdening the champion.



Team Hendricks. Johny Hendricks' manager is confident his fighter will be facing Georges St-Pierre again. "I haven't heard anything from the UFC, but I am (sure Hendricks' next fight will be a rematch) because Dana makes things happen."

3rd man. Referee Mario Yamasaki disagree's with the judges' decision at UFC 167. "I'm inside the cage so I can't see the fight as the judge sees it, but I thought Hendricks won the fight."

Fortunes changed for five. Dave Meltzer tells us where UFC 167's biggest winners and losers go from here.

Rumors put to rest. With rabid speculation as to St-Pierre's personal problems, a family member has come forward to dispute some claims.

Askren wants MacDonald. Former Bellator welterweight champion Ben Askren says he will fight Rory MacDonald for free and that he'll retire from MMA if he loses.

It's Tuesday, so make sure to check out this week's MMA Hour featuring MMA journalist Dave Meltzer, Firas Zahabi, GSP's head trainer, Campbell McLaren, the original executive producer of the UFC, Ben Askren, Jason High, Mark Hunt and Ted Ehrhardt, Johny Hendricks' manager.




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Announced yesterday (Nov. 18 2013)




Today's Fanpost of the Day comes via okgangster.

My Reaction to UFC 167

The UFC celebrated its 20th anniversary last night and it climaxed with Georges St. Pierre fighting Johnny Hendricks for the welterweight title. I don't feel like typing much of an introduction so let's get into this.

The first fight was Tim Elliot against the Russian, Ali Bagautinov. This fight saw Elliot go with the hands down, block with face strategy that usually doesn't end well. Fortunately for Elliot's brain though he didn't get knocked out, he lost a decision. It was an exciting fight that saw Elliot push the pace, but his undoing was simply not throwing punches while Bagautinov was hitting him with power shots and it cost him. For Bagautinov a fight with Dustin Ortiz seems to make sense right now. As for Elliot he should look to fight Louis Gaudinot or Phil Harris.

Up next on the card was Tyrone "The Chosen One" Woodley against Josh Koscheck. Woodley made quick work of Kos, knocking him out round 1. Kos seemed to be invigorated until the fight started. Woodley's power was just too much to handle. If he doesn't get cut Josh Koscheck has a few choices, he should look to fight Sexyama (if he ever comes back), Brian Ebersole, Erick Silva, or retire. Woodley looked good; he should change his horrible nickname and fight Dong Hyung Kim or the winner of Jake Ellenburger /Tarec Saffadine.


Check out the rest of the post here.


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