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Dana White: No interim lightweight title while Anthony Pettis sits

Esther Lin

LAS VEGAS -- Dana White is apparently all interim titled-out at the moment.

The UFC crowned Carlos Condit interim welterweight champion last year while Georges St-Pierre repaired his knee. Six months later, Renan Barao became interim bantamweight champion as Dominick Cruz remained sidelined.

But as of now, there will be no interim champion at lightweight.

Anthony Pettis, who defeated Ben Henderson for the lightweight title at UFC 164, will be out as long as eight months after knee surgery. But White ruled out creating an interim 155-pound title in his absence.

"Nope," was his simple reply Thursday.

White sounded a sympathetic note to Pettis, saying he's one of two younger UFC fighters he feels is on the track to superstardom.

"Its very unfortunate," White said. "I'm not kidding you guys right now, I think the two most talented guys right now, the two guys I think are the hottest prospects to become huge superstars are Renan Barao and Pettis. Obviously the Pettis thing is unfortunate."

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