WMMA November Week 1 & 2 Recap – Video of Vicious Knockout Surface



- Sorry haven’t been able to find any footage yet.

105lbs: #6 Seo Hee Ham def. #12 Sadae Numata via unanimous decision

115lbs: #8 Mizuki Inoue def. #12 Emi Fujino via unanimous decision (advances to finals)

115lbs: #22 Emi Tomimatsu def. #21 Mika Nagano via unanimous decision (advances to finals)

105lbs: Naho Sugiyama def. Masako Yoshida via unanimous decision

However, video of the weigh ins are up. If you’re into Japanese women being forced to expose their weight, click here!

The order is Mika Nagano, Emi Tomimatsu, Mizuki Inoue, Emi Fujino, Seo Hee Ham, Sade Numata, Naho Sugiyama and Masako Yoshida.

I found this weigh in atmosphere super weird, but also kind of cool. We’re used to seeing fighters weigh in on a stage with people actually there. This felt like a medical checkup, instead of an event.

Also, almost all the fighters didn't have to take all their clothes off (you heard me), and all made weight pretty nonchalantly, except Sadae Numata, who was absolutely shredded (SHE 41...according to Sherdog). That leads me to believe Tomimatsu, Nagano, Sugiyama and maybe even Fujino could drop down a weight class. Japan does put on fights at 100 pounds sometimes (I call it Centuryweight) and there are some tiny women that have fought at 95lbs aka minimumweight before, which I think is the worst weight class name.


At PXC 41 Gina Iniong picked up a 1st round TKO victory. I believe she was involved in the first female Filipino MMA fight back in 2009

Link to fight



Anyone else absolutely LUV Davis’ little shimmy of the hips to pass completely to side control?


I don't know why this won't embed, but here's the above GIF's full fight between #10 Strawweight Alida Gray vs. Soannia Tiem

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Former Muay Thai Champion (legit Champ, one of the best Muay Thai fighters) Justine Kish def. Tang Jin via unanimous decision to improve to 3-0 in MMA. She really needs to put out some footage… but I gotta admit when should does have a fight that airs, this anticipation will make me wanna watch even more.


Shayna Baszler on Ronda’s armbar: It was the last day of the show, the last training session, the last time [me and Ronda Rousey] were going to grapple. There was only a minute and 45 seconds left in training and that was it. And I said to her, `It looks like I made it the whole season without being armbarred by Ronda Rousey.’ Then, bam, bam, bam, six armbars in a row.

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