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Morning Report: Nick Diaz talks terms for UFC return, says he wasn't recently offered fight

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Nick Diaz has already returned from retirement once and sounds as if he's open to do it again. Originally calling it quits following a controversial decision loss to Carlos Condit in Feb. 2012, Diaz returned to contend for Georges St-Pierre's UFC welterweight championship earlier this year at UFC 158.

Now, with St-Pierre coincidentally back gracing Pay-Per-View promos, Diaz says he'll need a real payday to be lured back inside the Octagon. "If I do fight again I want a lot more money," Diaz tells Fighters Only. "I'm living in this ghetto ass apartment because I haven't been making the money that I should have been making." For the record, Diaz reportedly earned $200k in each of his last three fights in the UFC.

Following a subpar training camp leading up to the title bout, Diaz no longer employs Cesar Gracie as a manager, but strictly as a coach. He also affirms that talk of being offered a fight is false. UFC president Dana White told reporters Nov. 9 in Brazil that Diaz had been offered a bout, but that his manager claimed he was retired.

"I've not had a manager since my last fight. I would like people to know that I was never offered any fight [recently]. I haven't had a manager, I told Dana [White] that I didn't want anyone representing me after what happened with my last training camp."

Once insisting that re-investing in his camp was the correct course, Diaz now sounds like more changes could be coming. "Things change, people change. I don't have anything against Cesar but I see the big picture now. Right now what I need is a good fight and a good camp."



A full deck. John Hendricks says he's never had to show his entire skillset to win a fight, but that he might have to against Georges St-Pierre. "‘He's fighting Kampmann, better striker. ‘He's fighting Condit, a better striker.' Where did I win those fights at? Everybody keeps doubting me, and I love that. I absolutely love that."

Chael & Wandy. Chael Sonnen may be coming around on his old friend, Wanderlei Silva. I don't think he's a liar like the Nogueiras or Vitor [Belfort]. I think when he signs a contract, he means it. So I think the fight is likely going to happen. But he's not in there yet."

20 in 20. Chuck Mindenhall's series reaches 1998. The UFC finds a savior in New Jersey before visiting Brazil and meeting 21-year-old Vitor Belfort.

Royce over Rickson. Rorian Gracie explains why he chose Royce to carry the family name into the Octagon rather than the clan's top fighter in Rickson.

Rampage. Quinton Jackson says the mood at the UFC changed once he fought Chuck Liddell. "The UFC still has some good people that work for them, but overall, it was hard even showing up there and being around a bunch of fake people."




Free Fight: Chris Weidman vs. Anderson Silva at UFC 162.


Top UFC knockouts.


Fighters predict Georges St-Pierre vs. Johny Hendricks.


Hendricks working through some circuits.


Joe Stevenson teaching some techniques to Ryan LaFlare.


Tom Watson undergoing strength testing at Cal State Fullerton.


Rumor has it (via Zane Simon) the UFC has signed Bekbulat Magomedov and Will Chope who could be facing one another at UFC Fight Night 34.




Happy anniversary.



Unrelated, yoga pants.


Walking wounded.


I would believe it.


Does not look happy.


Good strategy.


Even got the Caddy.



Announced yesterday (Nov. 12 2013)

Jamie Varner out, Bobby Green vs. Pat Healy at UFC on FOX 9

Kelvin Gastelum out, Ryan LaFlare vs. Court McGee at UFC on FOX 9

Rick Glenn out, Lance Palmer vs. Georgi Karakhanyan at WSOF 7



Today's Fanpost of the Day comes via leriksson.

WMMA November Week 1 & 2 Recap - Video of Vicious Knockout Surface


- Sorry haven't been able to find any footage yet.

105lbs: #6 Seo Hee Ham def. #12 Sadae Numata via unanimous decision

115lbs: #8 Mizuki Inoue def. #12 Emi Fujino via unanimous decision (advances to finals)

115lbs: #22 Emi Tomimatsu def. #21 Mika Nagano via unanimous decision (advances to finals)

105lbs: Naho Sugiyama def. Masako Yoshida via unanimous decision

However, video of the weigh ins are up. If you're into Japanese women being forced to expose their weight, click here!

The order is Mika Nagano, Emi Tomimatsu, Mizuki Inoue, Emi Fujino, Seo Hee Ham, Sade Numata, Naho Sugiyama and Masako Yoshida.

I found this weigh in atmosphere super weird, but also kind of cool. We're used to seeing fighters weigh in on a stage with people actually there. This felt like a medical checkup, instead of an event.

Also, almost all the fighters didn't have to take all their clothes off (you heard me), and all made weight pretty nonchalantly, except Sadae Numata, who was absolutely shredded (SHE 41...according to Sherdog). That leads me to believe Tomimatsu, Nagano, Sugiyama and maybe even Fujino could drop down a weight class. Japan does put on fights at 100 pounds sometimes (I call it Centuryweight) and there are some tiny women that have fought at 95lbs aka minimumweight before, which I think is the worst weight class name.


Check out the rest of the post here.


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