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UFC 1 Live Chat

No Rules, No Scores, and No Time Limits! Celebrate the UFC's 20th anniversary with the MMA Fighting crew Tuesday night. We'll be watching UFC 1 starting at 9 p.m. ET. So pop in the DVD, or VHS tape, and take a trip down memory lane. (Comments will be opened up at 8:45 p.m. ET)


Royce Gracie wins UFC 1

BooKooMMA [10:30 PM]:

Everyone should say their fav moment

Leek [10:30 PM]:

This was pretty cool, great work guys.

Chuck Mindenhall [10:30 PM]:

Thanks again guys. Was fun.

Shaun Al-Shatti [10:30 PM]:

@Chuck Mindenhall Nice

ERG913 [10:30 PM]:

Thanks guys, have a good night

NewYorkRic [10:29 PM]:

Bye y’all.

mercydrive [10:29 PM]:

@Chuck Mindenhall There’s always one

Shaun Al-Shatti [10:29 PM]:

It’s been a blast. Thanks to everyone who joined us! We’ll have to do this again.

Chuck Mindenhall [10:29 PM]:

Just thought I’d throw that rain cloud over your head as we jump out of here.

Jiujitsu786 [10:28 PM]:

All ufcs should still cost $19.99! HD for $24.95

Chuck Mindenhall [10:28 PM]:

Yeah, thanks guys. Was fun. You know if you bought every PPV from just 100 to 167, in standard def, you’ve spent $3078.65?

mercydrive [10:28 PM]:

Thanks to all the MMA Fighting guys for doing this, was great fun!

TheAvenger [10:28 PM]:

UFC 37.5!!!

Bryan Tucker [10:28 PM]:

Appreciate all the comments and we’ll have to do this again soon. We’ll keep it open for 2 more minutes to wrap up any conversations.

ChrisPCT [10:28 PM]:

that was awesome, thanks guys

mercydrive [10:27 PM]:

especially considering WWF was running Yokozuna and Lex Luger at the time

Bryan Tucker [10:27 PM]:

Thanks everyone for watching UFC 1 with us again.

rlong05 [10:27 PM]:

@Jiujitsu786 no…why? nothing to prove. Watch Renzo Gracie Legacy dvd. That’s all I need

Jiujitsu786 [10:26 PM]:

Kyra Gracie vs Rhonda Rousey! Now thats a fight!

Chuck Mindenhall [10:26 PM]:

Overall all, fast fights and finishes. Not bad for $19.95 at the time.

ChrisPCT [10:26 PM]:

Jim Brown was awesome, he knew what was up

HeadStomp [10:25 PM]:

Right about now there were a bunch of hicks sayin “I bet I could take that spanish guy”

ChrisPCT [10:25 PM]:

So funny that he was at disney land when Ariel intreviewd him last year

Chuck Mindenhall [10:25 PM]:

“I think he’s going to have a heck of a time at Disneyland.” -Kathy Long

TheAvenger [10:25 PM]:

lol i just looked at the fight times for ufc 5

NewYorkRic [10:25 PM]:


rlong05 [10:25 PM]:

“It’s gracie jiu jitsu all the way, there’s no chance”

Jiujitsu786 [10:25 PM]:

So Renzo wants to fight again in the UFC! Not a good idea!

Shaun Al-Shatti [10:24 PM]:

@ChrisPCT FightMetric says Royce didn’t get hit by one significant strike the entire tournament

NewYorkRic [10:24 PM]:

@ChrisPCT According to FightMetric, no.

mercydrive [10:24 PM]:

I feel much better about Goldy and Rogan now

rlong05 [10:24 PM]:

@Jiujitsu786 yea but they left a lasting legacy…they really don’t need to have a family member in mma

Chuck Mindenhall [10:24 PM]:

In all seriousness, what a big moment. So many fighters you talk to say they got inspired by Gracie and UFC 1.

Leek [10:24 PM]:

“He’s too pretty to get hurt”

Shaun Al-Shatti [10:24 PM]:

“They don’t know what to do on the ground.” <— Understatement of the century, right there

ChrisPCT [10:23 PM]:

Did Royce get hit once?

Chuck Mindenhall [10:23 PM]:

Yeah that airhorn guy needs to be corrected.

Shaun Al-Shatti [10:23 PM]:

Royce Gracie 3-0 on the night. 3 subs. 4:59 total ring time.

Jiujitsu786 [10:23 PM]:

Rener would have been like “Its like fighting fire with water”


#kingshaun – spread the love!

Chuck Mindenhall [10:22 PM]:

Royce has $50,000 on the Big Check.

NewYorkRic [10:22 PM]:

@mercydrive Rener was not there, but Ryron was.

rlong05 [10:22 PM]:

@TheAvenger rener was not allowed but ryron was


I gotta go! Good night all. Was fun chatting :)

Leek [10:22 PM]:

“I found my sport” -Jim Brown

ChrisPCT [10:22 PM]:

I think Ryron was? but not Rener

HeadStomp [10:22 PM]:

Who’s the moron with the air horn?

mercydrive [10:22 PM]:

‘Fighting is not what we thought it was’ – Words to live by

BooKooMMA [10:22 PM]:

What are the OTN bonuses? :)

TheAvenger [10:22 PM]:

was rener gracie there? Haha

Jiujitsu786 [10:21 PM]:

Kron is really the only hope left for the Gracie family in MMA @rlong05

ChrisPCT [10:21 PM]:

Jiu Jitsu !

Shaun Al-Shatti [10:21 PM]:

Royce Gracie def. Gerard Gordeau via submission (rear-naked choke) at 1:44 of round one to become the first UFC tournament champion

mercydrive [10:21 PM]:

Yeah this has been brilliant, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Chuck Mindenhall [10:21 PM]:

Royce held that choke a long, long time. He said it was because Gordeau bit him.

Leek [10:21 PM]:

just heard Royce yell out after getting bit

rlong05 [10:21 PM]:

i like how royce breifly looked for an ezekiel choke

ChrisPCT [10:20 PM]:

do it @chuck!

Shaun Al-Shatti [10:20 PM]:

Using that gi like a champ. Gerard never knew what hit him.

Chuck Mindenhall [10:20 PM]:

@dj c plus I think we should do one for each card from here on in. UFC 2 we’ll celebrate 20 years in March.

ChrisPCT [10:20 PM]:

Kron has that mean streak about him too, I think he will do ok

rlong05 [10:20 PM]:

@Jiujitsu786 cuz everyone knows jiu jitsu defense

Jiujitsu786 [10:20 PM]:

I heard Kron Gracie is going to be making a MMA debut hopefully soon!

Shaun Al-Shatti [10:19 PM]:

Takedown right into mount

NewYorkRic [10:19 PM]:

Gerard was the first guy to look for underhooks all night.

dj c plus [10:19 PM]:

thanks for setting this up, SBN peeps. good stuff.

Chuck Mindenhall [10:19 PM]:

They have abandoned Bill Wallace for pointing out that the mouth is the dirtiest part of the human body.

Jiujitsu786 [10:19 PM]:

Why do all the Gracie’s not do well in the UFC anymore?

mercydrive [10:19 PM]:

Royce vs. Air-horn guy…make it happen

armarchetto [10:18 PM]:

“It’s Gracie Jiu-Jitsu all the way.”

NewYorkRic [10:18 PM]:

@BooKooMMA Accurate.

TheAvenger [10:18 PM]:

He’s going to disneyland WOOOOOOOO

HeadStomp [10:17 PM]:

@Chuck Mindenhall Yep, just double checked. They show him tapping Jenkins out and a few other clips. Also a little of DeLucias post-fight when he says “This is real deal. This isn’t boxing”

TheAvenger [10:17 PM]:

all josh kosheck fights need to have no time limit

Chuck Mindenhall [10:17 PM]:

@Shaun Al-Shatti That’s all I’m saying.

@joedaddy85 [10:17 PM]:

this was pretty cool…

BooKooMMA [10:17 PM]:

Ariel is banned untile he wins a bet agains Ric.

Shaun Al-Shatti [10:17 PM]:

@Chuck Mindenhall Seriously. We need more long, loose pants in our MMA

NewYorkRic [10:16 PM]:

Young stud Rickson Gracie sighting.

Jiujitsu786 [10:16 PM]:

Where is Ariel Helwani?

Chuck Mindenhall [10:15 PM]:

@TheAvenger Don’t know, but what a great pic.

Jiujitsu786 [10:15 PM]:

Helio never aged! Osssss

TheAvenger [10:15 PM]:

royce not letting go? Banned until UFC 2

armarchetto [10:15 PM]:


mercydrive [10:15 PM]:

Come on man, you literally read his stats 5 minutes ago.

Chuck Mindenhall [10:14 PM]:

@HeadStomp Really? Cool. I will check that out.

TheAvenger [10:13 PM]:

is this it?

NewYorkRic [10:13 PM]:

Strangely anti-Rorion, but pro-Helio.

ThisPhillyFan [10:13 PM]:

It’s jarring to see bare knuckles, no?

HeadStomp [10:13 PM]:

There’s some clips of DeLucia-Jenkins at the beginning of UFC 2

mercydrive [10:13 PM]:

All abooooooooooard

Leek [10:13 PM]:

@Shaun Al-Shatti I think it’s on

Chuck Mindenhall [10:12 PM]:

Helio Gracie being recognized in the middle of the Octagon. Some jeers from the Denver crowd.

Shaun Al-Shatti [10:12 PM]:

Boos all around. Denver crowd didn’t come to see no ceremony.

ERG913 [10:12 PM]:

@Chuck Mindenhall Oh ok. I’ve only seen the dozen times DeLucia got liver kicked by Bas Rutten.


‘because the mouth is the dirtiest part of the human body’ lmao

mercydrive [10:12 PM]:

Some sexy graphics right there

Shaun Al-Shatti [10:11 PM]:

@Chuck Mindenhall Looks like it’s lost to history

Chuck Mindenhall [10:10 PM]:

@ERG913 Was just curious. That was the “alternative” bout that went on at UFC 1.

ThisPhillyFan [10:10 PM]:

So now Royce has to turn around after choking out Shamrock to fight Gordeau.

Leek [10:10 PM]:

Ken’s got the kids at the group home looking up to him



ERG913 [10:10 PM]:

@Chuck Mindenhall no, What happened?

Shaun Al-Shatti [10:09 PM]:

Ken classy in defeat

Chuck Mindenhall [10:09 PM]:

Has anybody seen the Jason DeLucia-Trent Jenkins bout?

TheAvenger [10:08 PM]:

@rlong05 lol

rlong05 [10:07 PM]:

@TheAvenger the 1 prelim fight

mercydrive [10:07 PM]:

TAP….April Fools

TheAvenger [10:06 PM]:

Now it’s time to replay all the prelim fights to pass some time.

Chuck Mindenhall [10:06 PM]:

Imagine Dana White in the post-fight interview with that unacknowledged tap from Shamrock.

TheAvenger [10:05 PM]:

ken breathing heavy

rlong05 [10:05 PM]:


rlong05 [10:05 PM]:

i wonder what the odds would have been for this fiht

NewYorkRic [10:05 PM]:

@Chuck Mindenhall Tuli shoots first.

Chuck Mindenhall [10:05 PM]:

I wish we could have seen Tuli-Gracie.

rlong05 [10:04 PM]:

shock the world royce!!!

armarchetto [10:04 PM]:

“What happened?” -Jim Brown. Really think he might have nodded off.

TheAvenger [10:04 PM]:

how did the ref miss that? unacceptable



TheAvenger [10:03 PM]:

who’s the ref, mazzagatti?

mercydrive [10:03 PM]:

Ken sure had some dreamy hair

Leek [10:03 PM]:

Ken’s jacket is sick

BooKooMMA [10:02 PM]:

Cecil Peoples scored that a draw.

TheAvenger [10:02 PM]:

shamrock stuffs the takedown

dj c plus [10:02 PM]:

we’re goin’ off the rails on a Gracie Traaaaain

mercydrive [10:01 PM]:

I’d love to have been a fly on the wall when they pitched the Gracie train

Leek [10:01 PM]:

@TheAvenger not to mention biting Royce’s ear

Chuck Mindenhall [10:01 PM]:

Royce riding the train back to the cage.

HeadStomp [10:00 PM]:

That “classy guy” tried to gouge Yuki Nakai’s eye out a year and a half later

TheAvenger [10:00 PM]:

damn, shamrock’s left eye

Chuck Mindenhall [9:59 PM]:

@mercydrive Good point.

mercydrive [9:59 PM]:


mercydrive [9:59 PM]:

You never see Dolche and Rosier in the same room…

NewYorkRic [9:58 PM]:

Dolce would’ve had him down to 205.

Shaun Al-Shatti [9:58 PM]:

@Chuck Mindenhall Never doubt that Rosier Diet.

Leek [9:58 PM]:

45lbs in three weeks, take that Mike Dolce!!

Chuck Mindenhall [9:58 PM]:

“I went in there, I trained three weeks for this. I lost 45 pounds.” -Rosier

TheAvenger [9:58 PM]:

gracie time

HeadStomp [9:58 PM]:

Sad that Kevin Rosier was apparently homeless not too long ago

ChrisPCT [9:56 PM]:

as much as we say royce was way better then everyone, gordeau was clearly on another level too

Chuck Mindenhall [9:56 PM]:

Gordeau had some poise. He just watched his wounded prey squirm for a bit before that stomp.

TheAvenger [9:56 PM]:

lol , jim Brown :do u think its’ going to be short? No I don’t think so..

HeadStomp [9:56 PM]:

“Watch now boom theres the punch”

Shaun Al-Shatti [9:56 PM]:

Elbows and stomps. Gerard doesn’t mess around.

mercydrive [9:55 PM]:

I call it the ‘Wounded Moose’

ChrisPCT [9:55 PM]:

man rozier is getting picked apart

Shaun Al-Shatti [9:55 PM]:

@NewYorkRic Exactly what I was thinking

HeadStomp [9:55 PM]:

Rosier moves with such grace

Chuck Mindenhall [9:54 PM]:

Rosier in some early trouble here….

NewYorkRic [9:54 PM]:

Rosier is playing the game.

armarchetto [9:54 PM]:

Bill Wallace is doing everything in his power to make Jim Brown apart of the broadcast by relating something to football.


Imagine Roy Nelson competing at UFC 1…. not good for his health lol

ERG913 [9:53 PM]:


BooKooMMA [9:53 PM]:

The cage is so cuddly, that Roy Nelson would tickle it all night long.

TheAvenger [9:53 PM]:

jim brown is on point so far

Chuck Mindenhall [9:53 PM]:

“He’s a heck of a man, I’ll tell you what.” – Kathy Long on Gerard Gordeau

HeadStomp [9:53 PM]:

Keep in mind Gordeau still has pieces of Tuli’s teeth stuck in his foot at this point

mercydrive [9:53 PM]:

@NewYorkRic was about to say…Patrick was showing that bike who was boss

NewYorkRic [9:52 PM]:

@mercydrive *Art and Patrick

kalamity113 [9:52 PM]:

who thought that teila tuli would just run through everybody?

armarchetto [9:51 PM]:

She really broke down their ‘nice’ handshake?

NewYorkRic [9:51 PM]:

@mercydrive Art and Kevin were both pushing it to the limit on bikes.

TheAvenger [9:51 PM]:

and its over

TheAvenger [9:51 PM]:

stop covering up and get up

ChrisPCT [9:51 PM]:

a 4 man commentary team, howd they thnk that would work lol

NewYorkRic [9:51 PM]:

@Chuck Mindenhall Not the first time we’ve caught Chuck talking to himself.

Chuck Mindenhall [9:51 PM]:

Commentators not real confident in Rosier’s chances.


@ChuckMinedenhall fail.

mercydrive [9:50 PM]:

You always pick the mine riding the gym bike in his pre-match promo

ERG913 [9:50 PM]:

@dustman With or without Jim Cornette in his corner?

Leek [9:50 PM]:

I get the feeling Kathy Long wanted to slap Bill Wallace’s face

Chuck Mindenhall [9:50 PM]:

@Chuck Mindenhall Shamrock.


@NewYorkRic because you just know it….. they cant deal with that jiu jitsu

NewYorkRic [9:50 PM]:

@BooKooMMA Smart man.

BooKooMMA [9:49 PM]:

depends on the odds :p

TheAvenger [9:49 PM]:

probably shamrock

ChrisPCT [9:49 PM]:

I think Ken has to make the most sense



dustman [9:49 PM]:

I always thought the man they call Vader could have beat them all, and won the tournament

NewYorkRic [9:49 PM]:

Real question: You line these guys up pre-UFC 1; going in blind, who do you bet on?

Chuck Mindenhall [9:48 PM]:

Bracketology: Gordeau versus Rosier, and Gracie versus Shamrock.


i train ufc bro…

ERG913 [9:48 PM]:

@Dave Meltzer Only a little bit though

Chuck Mindenhall [9:47 PM]:

@Dave Meltzer If the opposite were true, we might not be celebrating 20 years right now.

Dave Meltzer [9:47 PM]:

They noted Ken was breathing after the fight. Thank God.

Dave Meltzer [9:47 PM]:

Prophetic words 20 years later. Weight dosen’t make a difference, when everyone in the world cuts weight today to have a slight advantage.

ERG913 [9:47 PM]:

ankle lock = Beating into living death

armarchetto [9:46 PM]:

Ken Shamrock’s interview are to the equivalent of Greg Popovich talk to Craig Sager.

ChrisPCT [9:46 PM]:

cut on head = eye gouges? makes sense

Leek [9:46 PM]:

@TheAvenger Smith was the hometown favorite

rlong05 [9:46 PM]:

@NewYorkRic haha…this is true

Dave Meltzer [9:46 PM]:

I had seen the first Pancrase show with Shamrock vs. Funaki.

jamesrobertwade [9:45 PM]:

no one wants to lose to a footlock

Dave Meltzer [9:45 PM]:

Fans chanting bullshit, because the guy tapped to a submission.

NewYorkRic [9:45 PM]:

@rlong05 You don’t get to 250-0 with a weak guard.

Chuck Mindenhall [9:45 PM]:

Patrick Smith wants two out of three.

ChrisPCT [9:45 PM]:

@Dave Meltzer had you watched Shamrock’s fights previous to ufc 1?

rlong05 [9:45 PM]:

@Dave Meltzer he needs to be cut

Shaun Al-Shatti [9:45 PM]:

A man does not simply lose his 250-0 record without causing a ruckus

TheAvenger [9:45 PM]:

crowd chanting bs?

@joedaddy85 [9:44 PM]:

anyone know if there were odds on this tournament?

Dave Meltzer [9:44 PM]:

Some bad sportsmanship.

rlong05 [9:44 PM]:

@NewYorkRic pat smith has a very technical closed guard…safe stage 1 of the guard

dj c plus [9:44 PM]:

it’s weird seeing Shamrock without a completely busted nose

kalamity113 [9:44 PM]:

did you guys enjoy ken in wwf/e more or in ufc?


Shamrock wanted to go some more!

Dave Meltzer [9:43 PM]:

Ken wasn’t used to the heel hooks without the other guy without pro wrestling boots, but still won.

TheAvenger [9:43 PM]:

250-1, omg what a monumental upset


@newyorkric Seem’s reasonable… :) cant wait!

NewYorkRic [9:43 PM]:

It looked like Pat almost went to rubber guard.


This man is a shadow-shi-shooto fight. with a record of 17,842-0. FIGHTING… out of heaven………

NewYorkRic [9:42 PM]:

@JOEUFCFAN I’m thinking 145.

Shaun Al-Shatti [9:42 PM]:

Shamrock was already 3-0 in Pancrase at this point. All subs

ChrisPCT [9:42 PM]:

swimming trunks

rlong05 [9:42 PM]:

Shamrock was the most experienced in this type of a fight 3-0 in pancrase

Chuck Mindenhall [9:42 PM]:

@Leek Hard trick to turn, being the most powerfullest.

Chuck Mindenhall [9:41 PM]:

Fact: People from Denver prone to exaggerration (250-0).


@NEWYORKRIC bantamweight?

Leek [9:41 PM]:

Most powerfullest, most craziest out of all the groups



Shaun Al-Shatti [9:41 PM]:

Man, they don’t make records like they used to

Chuck Mindenhall [9:41 PM]:

Crowd loving themselves some of Denver’s own Patrick Smith…

Dave Meltzer [9:41 PM]:

Wow, in 1993 cut abs were called muscles in the stomach.

kalamity113 [9:41 PM]:

i gotta question for all to answer if they choose

NewYorkRic [9:41 PM]:

@JOEUFCFAN We’ve contacted Art Jimmerson.

jamesrobertwade [9:40 PM]:

there’s more charm about the seg cards

Chuck Mindenhall [9:40 PM]:

Ken Wayne Shamrock 24-3-2.

kalamity113 [9:40 PM]:


ChrisPCT [9:40 PM]:

Pat Smith stole John Morgan’s hair

@joedaddy85 [9:40 PM]:

google watch ufc 1 online..watching on vimeo

Dave Meltzer [9:40 PM]:


TheAvenger [9:40 PM]:

250-0? What???

Punk Hazard [9:40 PM]:

Oh okay.. haha so this is just like a chat thing about it.. SWEET! WHERE’S LUKE?




I cant wait for NYR’s mma debut!

Shaun Al-Shatti [9:40 PM]:

@kalamity113 Just in time for Mr. Shamrock


hey kalamity

TheAvenger [9:40 PM]:

lol wayne?

ERG913 [9:39 PM]:

@dj c plus lol It was only missing the line “I like having fun.”


everybody is watching it on their own source

kalamity113 [9:39 PM]:

whats up fellas

Chuck Mindenhall [9:39 PM]:

Pat Smith had a tougher battle with that towel on the way in.

armarchetto [9:39 PM]:

Who had the best walkout music?

Shaun Al-Shatti [9:39 PM]:

@NewYorkRic Whoa, nice. Only 47 sig. strikes the entire event.


no punk

dj c plus [9:39 PM]:

that interview w shamrock looked like a video dating profile

Punk Hazard [9:38 PM]:

Is UFC 1 being streamed on here? I’m at work!!! I think it’s blocked here!!!


hopefully everyone here has seen UFC 1 before :P

ChrisPCT [9:38 PM]:

@Dave who did you think was going to win UFC 1?

TheAvenger [9:38 PM]:

pat smith gets the towel stuck on his face

rasmer [9:38 PM]:

@NewYorkRic spoiler alert :P

armarchetto [9:38 PM]:

@Ric this is beautiful

NewYorkRic [9:38 PM]:


Wisetoad [9:37 PM]:

“very streetwise”

NewYorkRic [9:37 PM]:

@armarchetto Speaking of that, if anybody wants a peak at the FightMetric stats for this one:

mercydrive [9:37 PM]:

Pat’s neck has necks

jamesrobertwade [9:37 PM]:

i think it was more exhaustion than being mounted

Leek [9:37 PM]:

Even Goins was disapointed



Chuck Mindenhall [9:36 PM]:

Pat Smith and Ken Shamrock. “The two strong boys”

TheAvenger [9:36 PM]:

here comes shamrock!!!!

rlong05 [9:36 PM]:

@ChrisPCT geez people need to learn a simple trap and roll escape

BooKooMMA [9:36 PM]:

Bobb Sapp taps pre-mount

armarchetto [9:36 PM]:

Using stats from Police Department Studies. Take that Fightmetric

mercydrive [9:36 PM]:

31 minutes*

Dave Meltzer [9:36 PM]:

Didn’t Remco Parduel against Marco Ruas tap to mount. I was at that one, God were the people at SEG furious at that.

mercydrive [9:36 PM]:

4 fights in and its 31, imagine how many !!!!!! Dana would have used on Twitter so far

CallumLeslieMMA [9:36 PM]:

Well gentleman, this has been fun. But it’s 2:30am here in God’s country, and I am going to be in big trouble if I don’t let my other half sleep. This is a great idea, we should do this again! Thanks again.

ERG913 [9:36 PM]:

@rlong05 Nah, Gary Goodridge vs Don Frye

Chuck Mindenhall [9:36 PM]:

@rlong05 Was wondering about that…

Shaun Al-Shatti [9:35 PM]:

Jim Brown is the best

ChrisPCT [9:35 PM]:

I saw someone at a local mma even tap to being mounted

rlong05 [9:35 PM]:

is that the only time someone tapped due to mount

ChrisPCT [9:35 PM]:

to bad he wasn’t wearing kickboxing shoes

Bryan Tucker [9:35 PM]:

Royce with the submission win to move on.. didn’t see that one coming


You’ll probably see dana white throwing the towel after 2 minutes if he’s at a fitch fight again!

ChrisPCT [9:35 PM]:

apparently you can’t kick if you’re wearing boxing shoes lol

Chuck Mindenhall [9:35 PM]:

Towel comes flying in. That was the the entirety of Jimmerson’s MMA career.

jamesrobertwade [9:34 PM]:

emmanuel yarborough got a submission by smother because he lay on some japanese guy

mercydrive [9:34 PM]:

I think this was more of a submission (confusion) tap


Lol erg…

ChrisPCT [9:34 PM]:


ChrisPCT [9:34 PM]:

Pissed was probably pissed he didn’t get to finish

TheAvenger [9:34 PM]:

he just gave up wow

ERG913 [9:34 PM]:

@JOEUFCFAN Junior Dos Santos diagrees.

jamesrobertwade [9:34 PM]:

they wanted pat smith back to fight frank mir at ufc 45 or so

rlong05 [9:34 PM]:

@Chuck Mindenhall haha he was the first officially

CallumLeslieMMA [9:34 PM]:

second worst submission reason ever. Joe Son once lost a fight by Submission (terror), according to Sherdog..


I wanna see more Towel throwing in MMA

ERG913 [9:33 PM]:

I love the people chanting “fight” when Gracie got mount.

CallumLeslieMMA [9:33 PM]:

Taps to "position:

Chuck Mindenhall [9:33 PM]:

Jimmerson wearing Nike. Long before Jon Jones (and less endorsed).

rlong05 [9:33 PM]:

thats so awesome tap due to mount

jamesrobertwade [9:33 PM]:

i think paul herrera was 200-0 before losing in 8 seconds to don frye at ufc8

JordyBonesJones [9:33 PM]:


@joedaddy85 [9:33 PM]:

pat smith is the greatest fighter in ufc history

CallumLeslieMMA [9:33 PM]:

Royce Gracie is a very dirty fighter. Headbutts, eyepokes, not letting go of the submission…

TheAvenger [9:33 PM]:

huh it’s over

ChrisPCT [9:33 PM]:

man rampage is upset with Royce’s knee kick

ChrisPCT [9:32 PM]:

they said 180


Chuck is 250-0 aswell…. no biggie

Leek [9:32 PM]:

So how much does Gracie weigh 175, 178, or 180?

rlong05 [9:32 PM]:

@Chuck Mindenhall he was the little guy…the other brothers got to fight more often

Shaun Al-Shatti [9:32 PM]:

If only the one glove technique would’ve been given time to prosper. Could’ve been something magical

Chuck Mindenhall [9:32 PM]:

@jamesrobertwade Almost unheard of today.

TheAvenger [9:31 PM]:

there’s the takedown

jamesrobertwade [9:31 PM]:

wait for pat smith, he’s an “astonishing 250-0”



NewYorkRic [9:31 PM]:

@JOEUFCFAN I am legally not allowed to grow that “moustache” again. Or be within 100 feet of a school.

CallumLeslieMMA [9:31 PM]:

Ken Anderson stole the gimmick from Rich Goins.

Chuck Mindenhall [9:31 PM]:

Royce was 51-1, which was a modest record in those days.

CallumLeslieMMA [9:31 PM]:

“Royce Gracie!….GRACIE.”

jamesrobertwade [9:31 PM]:

yes he’s doing the q and a before ufc 167 with a few others

rlong05 [9:30 PM]:

@@joedaddy85 yes UFC gym in torrance

TheAvenger [9:30 PM]:

here we go

Chuck Mindenhall [9:30 PM]:

This is the classic boxer versus grappler match-up. Wait….this is where that scenario originated.

Bryan Tucker [9:30 PM]:

@@joedaddy85 yep that is true


@NewYorkRick What happened to Movember this month? :-/

@joedaddy85 [9:30 PM]:

i heard art works at a ufc this true?

jamesrobertwade [9:30 PM]:

ronda wouldn’t have a chance against royce or ken but i think she could possibly submit the other 6 (although not necessarily likely)

JordyBonesJones [9:30 PM]:

It’s like a black belt in competing in a white belt Jiu Jitsu tournament.

CallumLeslieMMA [9:30 PM]:

They cut out Wallace saying Goins’ name everytime. DId he never get it right?

ChrisPCT [9:30 PM]:

was Jimmerson actually good at the time?

NewYorkRic [9:30 PM]:

Jimmerson started with “hi” like he caught him off-guard. I like that.

Chuck Mindenhall [9:29 PM]:

Art Jimmerson!!!!!! They talked to Leon Spinks at one point, too, to represent boxing world, didn’t they?

BooKooMMA [9:29 PM]:

The Yes chant is perfect for the Gracie train.

mercydrive [9:29 PM]:

Jim Brown explaining that a boxer can’t punch from the ground like a boss.

rlong05 [9:28 PM]:

@Shaun Al-Shatti or continues depending on if you already knew about the gracies

CallumLeslieMMA [9:28 PM]:

Dave, we’re just at the start of the Royce fight

Bryan Tucker [9:28 PM]:

Just fyi, can look up at red text above chat to see what fight we’re on

ChrisPCT [9:28 PM]:

Helio looking classy in his suit

ChrisPCT [9:28 PM]:

gracie train!



jamesrobertwade [9:28 PM]:

she’d eventually submit him i believe because he’d have no idea what he was doing on the ground and gas out

Chuck Mindenhall [9:28 PM]:

Lights and music, and Royce rolls out of the tunnel in Gracie train.


The gary goodridge elbows… cringey lol

CallumLeslieMMA [9:28 PM]:

Really, Bill Wallace talking about strategy is ridiculous. No one, not even Bill Wallace, has any idea what any of these guys are actually going to do.

Shaun Al-Shatti [9:27 PM]:

The legend begins! Gracie vs. Jimmerson. Gracie train marching in now

Dave Meltzer [9:27 PM]:

Jim Brown’s analysis after Royce’s fight showed more knowledge than people after 20 years who still think boxers will walk in and knock everyone out today.i

jamesrobertwade [9:27 PM]:

how many of the 8 does she beat?

Wisetoad [9:27 PM]:

@jamesrobertwade she’d have a hard time against Emmanuel Yarbourough

BooKooMMA [9:27 PM]:

The push-stomp

Chuck Mindenhall [9:27 PM]:

Gordeau/Rosier is your semis on the left bracket.

ERG913 [9:27 PM]:

@Chuck Mindenhall Should’ve Mentioned Jim’s experience as a stalker in the Running Man.

JordyBonesJones [9:27 PM]:

One boxing glove time!



CallumLeslieMMA [9:27 PM]:

Watching these three commentators, would you believe that Jim Brown would be around the longest by some way>

jamesrobertwade [9:26 PM]:

could ronda rousey have won ufc 1?


Diego Sanchez for UFC 1???? that would be hilarious lol

Chuck Mindenhall [9:26 PM]:

Feels like Jim Brown was there to offer sports platitudes. Good for him.

Leek [9:26 PM]:

@CallumLeslieMMA trying to get an MMA fight

ChrisPCT [9:26 PM]:

it’s pretty clear half of us are watching different versions lol


Not sure..

jamesrobertwade [9:25 PM]:

it’s that sort of thing which turned rosier into a homeless derelict unfortunately

ChrisPCT [9:25 PM]:

I like his homer simpson game plan

Dave Meltzer [9:25 PM]:

Man, I forget how bad that tap was.



CallumLeslieMMA [9:25 PM]:

What’s Kathy Long doing now?

Chuck Mindenhall [9:25 PM]:

Guys were polished in their postfight speeches/callouts back then. They were more into questioning their sanity, and things of that nature.

Leek [9:25 PM]:

“about 10 sec ago”

jamesrobertwade [9:25 PM]:

@Shaun Al-Shatti

CallumLeslieMMA [9:25 PM]:

If only Randy Couture had said that, Chuck.

ChrisPCT [9:24 PM]:

so tired

Chuck Mindenhall [9:24 PM]:

What’s going through your mind? “What am I doing out of retirement.” -Rosier

Bryan Tucker [9:24 PM]:

@joedaddy85 about to be gracie-jimmerson


I’d love to see rothwell at UFC 1 haha

Wisetoad [9:24 PM]:

@@joedaddy85 about 15 mins in

TheAvenger [9:24 PM]:

king arthur??

Shaun Al-Shatti [9:24 PM]:

“Na, I don’t know. I don’t know. I’m really sorry. I’m not a great interview.z’

mercydrive [9:24 PM]:

Bruce Buffer smashes him with the Buffer 360

ERG913 [9:24 PM]:

@JordyBonesJones Buffer, He took Trigg to a decision.

CallumLeslieMMA [9:24 PM]:

Brian Kilmeade. Little did we know at the time, a massively bigoted Republican.

@joedaddy85 [9:24 PM]:

im late to the party…wad up peeps..where are we at on vimeo?

JordyBonesJones [9:23 PM]:

Rich Goins vs Bruce Buffer in a fight who wins?

Bryan Tucker [9:23 PM]:

Down goes Frazier


lmao.. then the kick to the back of the head. It’s like normal MMA until the savage moments

Wisetoad [9:23 PM]:

some beautiful rabbit shots

Shaun Al-Shatti [9:23 PM]:

Need to build a time machine and send Big Ben Rothwell back to 1993. He would’ve smashed

NewYorkRic [9:23 PM]:


ChrisPCT [9:23 PM]:

oh man, Wanderlei would be proud

TheAvenger [9:23 PM]:

here comes my pick on his way to the cage: Art Jimmerson

Chuck Mindenhall [9:23 PM]:

Frazier isn’t what you might call “defending himself intelligently.” And that’s it.

ChrisPCT [9:23 PM]:

I don’t know if Roziers shorts are up high enough

Dave Meltzer [9:23 PM]:

Royce was 51-1 at this point. Hey, the ref was a Vale Tudo star who got them kicked off TV circa 1960 when he broke a guy’s arm with armbar.

CallumLeslieMMA [9:23 PM]:

it’s over, chalk one up for the big guy.

CallumLeslieMMA [9:22 PM]:


mercydrive [9:22 PM]:

Tommy Toe Hold has a ready made UFC 1 edition of his show here

Shaun Al-Shatti [9:22 PM]:

And there’s the stomp to the head

luckrjg4 [9:22 PM]:

aldo vs mayweather

CallumLeslieMMA [9:22 PM]:

“Jim, have you ever been this tired?”

Chuck Mindenhall [9:22 PM]:

“Good knee to the face” “Yes indeed.” -UFC 1 commentary


Hackney that’s it! Can always count on you Shaun :D #al-swagger thanks

ChrisPCT [9:22 PM]:

god damn wall n stall

JordyBonesJones [9:21 PM]:

Joe Son was getting punched @JOEUFCFAN

ERG913 [9:21 PM]:

@JOEUFCFAN Joe Son vs Keith Hackney

Wisetoad [9:21 PM]:

Really disappointed in Kevins cardio

dj c plus [9:21 PM]:

still less groin shots than a cheick kongo fight

Shaun Al-Shatti [9:21 PM]:

@JOEUFCFAN the legendary Keith Hackney

Chuck Mindenhall [9:21 PM]:

Frazier squaring off. This is rad.

TheAvenger [9:21 PM]:

lol rosier kicking him

Leek [9:21 PM]:

According to Art Davie, Frazier suffered from asthma

CallumLeslieMMA [9:21 PM]:

Resting in the clinch. I hope that doesn’t catch on.

NewYorkRic [9:21 PM]:

A modern crowd would be booing this.

ChrisPCT [9:21 PM]:

they clearly don’t have a clue whats going on though


What fight was it where the guy was getting continously pounded in the nuts? I forget….

JordyBonesJones [9:21 PM]:

Royce stepping in the octagon

Shaun Al-Shatti [9:21 PM]:

“The crowd seems to be enjoying it.”

ChrisPCT [9:21 PM]:

I thought they were, just commentors said they missed one

CallumLeslieMMA [9:20 PM]:

Certainly higher than Dana would allow.

Chuck Mindenhall [9:20 PM]:

Rosier got his pants pulled up higher than would be leagal today, I believe.

Shaun Al-Shatti [9:20 PM]:

@ChrisPCT They were indeed


jeffwagenheim is 943-0. With age comes expierience!

mercydrive [9:20 PM]:

This guy doesn’t stand a chance

ChrisPCT [9:19 PM]:

were groin shots legal in ufc 1?

CallumLeslieMMA [9:19 PM]:

you’re a bit ahead Dave

Leek [9:19 PM]:

Glad Jim knows there’s some sort of ruleset

Dave Meltzer [9:19 PM]:

All aboard the Gracie train

jeffwagenheim [9:19 PM]:

@Chuck Mindenhall Now we’re talking. This chat is surreal, though maybe I’m watching a college basketball game, not the fights.

ERG913 [9:19 PM]:

@JOEUFCFAN Terrific on the feet, Kevin Rosier.

ChrisPCT [9:19 PM]:

lol the commentators are hilarous

mercydrive [9:19 PM]:

‘I don’t think the stomp did much’, WHAT?!?!

JordyBonesJones [9:19 PM]:

how many minutes left in the round?

CallumLeslieMMA [9:18 PM]:

back of the head, elbows to the spine.

Wisetoad [9:18 PM]:

kevin rozier should be on the next TUF comeback

rlong05 [9:18 PM]:

wow Rozier 66-8 as a kickboxer


Lmao chuck!

CallumLeslieMMA [9:18 PM]:

“Don’t you wish you could tape your whole body Jim? Pain hurts.”


It still feels weird, with goldberg not telling me how amazing bud light is every 15 minutes!

dj c plus [9:17 PM]:

yep, 1st fight on vimeo was not rosier/frazier

Chuck Mindenhall [9:17 PM]:

@jeffwagenheim It’s a shame, because I was 250-0 at the time (unwitnessed alley fights).


It jusr switches them?

ChrisPCT [9:17 PM]:

first ever?

ChrisPCT [9:17 PM]:

his god mention in the ufc?

HeadStomp [9:17 PM]:

Zane Frazier could beat Nikita Krylov today

Dave Meltzer [9:17 PM]:

Yeah, I’m watching Vimeo, just saw a ton of illegal blows in a short period of time.

Bryan Tucker [9:17 PM]:

yeah friend told me vimeo misses first fight


@armar time for us to rewind then haha

ERG913 [9:16 PM]:

@JOEUFCFAN Yeah they don’t have the Gordeau fight, just started it up again.

armarchetto [9:16 PM]:

@Joe I am

jeffwagenheim [9:16 PM]:

@Chuck Mindenhall Don’t dodge my question. They allowed a guy with one boxing glove … but not a guy with a cabbie hat?

Chuck Mindenhall [9:16 PM]:

Zane Frazier against Kevin Rosier next.

Leek [9:16 PM]:

kicking tecniques from TKD with kicking!

Shaun Al-Shatti [9:16 PM]:

@Chuck Mindenhall Wandy would be proud


Anyone watching the vimeo one?

Bryan Tucker [9:15 PM]:

Gordeau advances with 26-second win

Chuck Mindenhall [9:15 PM]:

Pretty sick guitar licks for these bio cues.

NewYorkRic [9:15 PM]:

@CallumLeslieMMA Completely made up.

ChrisPCT [9:15 PM]:

kevin is coming out now for me

Shaun Al-Shatti [9:15 PM]:

Rosier ran out of things to say pretty quick there

CallumLeslieMMA [9:15 PM]:

Cheektowaga, NY. Real place?

TheAvenger [9:15 PM]:

same here dave

armarchetto [9:15 PM]:

@Dave same…


Lol callum

mercydrive [9:15 PM]:

Kizer wouldn’t approve of that towel…

Bryan Tucker [9:15 PM]:

@Dave Meltzer dedication respect

Chuck Mindenhall [9:15 PM]:

@jeffwagenheim Look, our first celebrity cameo!

Dave Meltzer [9:14 PM]:

For some reason my thing started with the Rozier fight.

Leek [9:14 PM]:

@Chuck Mindenhall Clyde Gendry said Gordeau was hospitalized after getting an infection

CallumLeslieMMA [9:14 PM]:

My girlfriend just called me a massive nerd, rolled over and went to sleep. It is now 2:15am here in the UK…


Sup jeffery!

Chuck Mindenhall [9:14 PM]:

@mercydrive Or like they are coddling coffee in friendlier confines.


About 5

ChrisPCT [9:14 PM]:

@mercydrive yup

jeffwagenheim [9:14 PM]:

I understand that Mindenhall was living in Denver at the time of UFC 1 … and originally was to be one of the eight competitors. True?

NewYorkRic [9:14 PM]:

How many different names has Tuli been called so far?

HeadStomp [9:14 PM]:

@Shaun Al-Shatti see Emmanuel Yarborough vs. Tatsuaki Nakano

mercydrive [9:14 PM]:


mercydrive [9:14 PM]:

The announcers sound like they’ve been literally plucked off the seat and asked to describe what they see

ChrisPCT [9:13 PM]:

good deal

ChrisPCT [9:13 PM]:


ChrisPCT [9:13 PM]:

1 dollar for a booth

ERG913 [9:13 PM]:

@Shaun Al-Shatti Probably the Same as Emmanuel Yarborough’s.

Chuck Mindenhall [9:13 PM]:

Love the fun banter while Tuli bleeds in agony.


@shaun Errm…. hold? lol

Chuck Mindenhall [9:13 PM]:

Gordeau had to have tooth pieces extracted from his foot back in Europe (so he told me later).

Leek [9:13 PM]:

Refs facial expression is too funny

armarchetto [9:13 PM]:


Shaun Al-Shatti [9:12 PM]:

So, if Tuli actually gets Gegard down… what’s his gameplan from there?

Chuck Mindenhall [9:12 PM]:

Gordeau was all business.

ChrisPCT [9:12 PM]:

ref has no clue what to do

Bryan Tucker [9:12 PM]:

He made him bleed his own blood

ChrisPCT [9:12 PM]:

that uppercut makes vitor jealous

CallumLeslieMMA [9:12 PM]:

He’s bleeding from the eye, damn.

ChrisPCT [9:12 PM]:

damn that kick was brutal


Saturday night in St. Louis is way worse!

NewYorkRic [9:11 PM]:

He’s a lot lighter on his feet than I remember.


I still dont think it’s that dirty…

Chuck Mindenhall [9:11 PM]:

Jim Brown has butterflies, but, like the fighters of today, he is hellbent on making those butterflies fly in formation.

CallumLeslieMMA [9:11 PM]:


Shaun Al-Shatti [9:11 PM]:


CallumLeslieMMA [9:11 PM]:

damn, pants.

CallumLeslieMMA [9:11 PM]:

Gordeau has gone for pyjama points. Good plan.

rlong05 [9:11 PM]:

I was always annoyed that goins repeated the last name.

mercydrive [9:11 PM]:

great technique…GET THE HOOKS IN!

Wisetoad [9:10 PM]:

wheres Riccardo Rodriguez

armarchetto [9:10 PM]:

“I don’t understand while they’re in the middle of the ring” ha

Chuck Mindenhall [9:10 PM]:

Tuli weighs in at 420 pounds. Art Davie said he was chomping at the bit to get in there the night before.

CallumLeslieMMA [9:10 PM]:

So, Goins always repeated the second names after a few seconds pause. Why hasn’t Buffer continued this wonderful tradition?

KarimHalawi [9:10 PM]:

first fight ever


kevin rosier or kevin rosear ?

Chuck Mindenhall [9:09 PM]:

@Dave Meltzer Haha…I have my doubts as well.

CallumLeslieMMA [9:09 PM]:

Hahaha, Hawaii literally floats higher because Teila isn’t weighing it down right now.

ChrisPCT [9:09 PM]:

I love how they mentioned in the Doc that they just let the records fly

Chuck Mindenhall [9:09 PM]:

Rich Goins giving the intros.

mercydrive [9:09 PM]:

I hear he was being modest.

CallumLeslieMMA [9:09 PM]:

That botch is cut on the UK release Dave


Ofc its real!!

Dave Meltzer [9:09 PM]:

I’m skeptical of those 66 KOs in 66 wins. Is that real?

CallumLeslieMMA [9:08 PM]:

Rich Goins? That’s a boring name. Let’s call him…G-Man.

CallumLeslieMMA [9:08 PM]:

That idiot in the gi is going to look stupid.


LOL, still makes me laugh… dem pre fight interviews ’I’m kevin rosier.. and im gonna win!’ looks like a texas dad cruising walmart car park!

CallumLeslieMMA [9:08 PM]:

Smart plan going topless. “Nothing there to grab” is right Bill!

HeadStomp [9:08 PM]:

Terrible stoppage. Let them fight

Dave Meltzer [9:08 PM]:

Botched the ring announcers name as well.

EdwardsKim [9:08 PM]:

I brought the Korean BBQ who brought the rice

Shaun Al-Shatti [9:08 PM]:

Gerard walking out shirtless. Can’t mess with that.

Dave From Newfoundland [9:07 PM]:

I’m trying to keep this in on sync as well, you guys taking bets on this?

Bryan Tucker [9:07 PM]:

Let’s go 7:48 where tuli just said the strongest part of himself is his heart

CallumLeslieMMA [9:07 PM]:

We started at 6, it’s now 6:07. Work it out.

ChrisPCT [9:07 PM]:

i’m at 6 30

chase191 [9:07 PM]:

who thinks vitor should be aloud to fight

Chuck Mindenhall [9:07 PM]:

@KarimHalawi Right now they are showing the brackets.

CallumLeslieMMA [9:07 PM]:

Holy crap, a 75 foot walk? This is one hell of a challenge.

KarimHalawi [9:06 PM]:

what minute are you guys in i want to be on sync

NewYorkRic [9:06 PM]:

Taylor Tuli, his teenage heartthrob cousin.


Taylor is gonna kill it!

ChrisPCT [9:06 PM]:

what the hell is the sabaki challenge

soundvisionjared [9:06 PM]:

head stomp and in comes the towel.

ChrisPCT [9:06 PM]:

they are all so nervous

Chuck Mindenhall [9:06 PM]:

I lived in Denver when this went down. Don’t remember there being a lot of buzz. But we all knew of the Sabaki Challenge. We thought that was as extreme as it got.

ChrisPCT [9:06 PM]:

Boxing person lol

CallumLeslieMMA [9:06 PM]:

Official Ken Shamrock fighting system


lol dave

HeadStomp [9:06 PM]:

Oh look it’s Rich Goins….. Goins.

CallumLeslieMMA [9:06 PM]:

“Some Tae Kwon Do Movements”

mercydrive [9:05 PM]:

an octagon will never work!

Dave Meltzer [9:05 PM]:

Botched Gordeau’s name. One analyst gave the show away. Botched Royce’s name as well.

KarimHalawi [9:05 PM]:


Shaun Al-Shatti [9:05 PM]:

@Chuck Mindenhall Brilliant gameplan


Beginning of the event

ChrisPCT [9:05 PM]:

It’s not a ring!

CallumLeslieMMA [9:05 PM]:

Taylor Tuli.

KarimHalawi [9:05 PM]:

did you guys start watching the fight or the beggining of the event

CallumLeslieMMA [9:05 PM]:

This first part of the broadcast is truly awful. This surely isn’t a product that can last

Chuck Mindenhall [9:05 PM]:

Kathy “I’d go for something as quick as you can.”

NewYorkRic [9:04 PM]:

@mercydrive That’s not confusion. It’s focus.

ChrisPCT [9:04 PM]:

oh ok, I was only 3 lol

CallumLeslieMMA [9:04 PM]:

Brian Kilmour/Kilmeade


haha yeah

Leek [9:04 PM]:

It nice for Bill to point out that Kathy is not very big

mercydrive [9:04 PM]:

Jim Brown’s look of confusion is still one of the best images ever on PPV

CallumLeslieMMA [9:04 PM]:

Lots of altitude talk. Apparently lots of the fights will go to the ground?

Dave Meltzer [9:04 PM]:

I wasn’t at this one, watched it live. First time live was Casper Wyoming

ChrisPCT [9:04 PM]:

lol I like how bill shuts her down right away

armarchetto [9:03 PM]:

Everyone is doing some sort of martial art demonstration and there’s Tuli stretching…

Mango27 [9:03 PM]:

Jim Brown > Jon Anik

CallumLeslieMMA [9:03 PM]:

Kathy Long – the first women in the UFC


carbonic acid….

Chuck Mindenhall [9:03 PM]:

Where would the world be without Zane Frazier? We’d have no Herb Dean.

ERG913 [9:03 PM]:

It would have been better if they had introduced Jim Brown as a “legendary Stalker in the Running Man competition.”



ChrisPCT [9:03 PM]:

I assume Dave is the only person that was actually there?

Dave Meltzer [9:03 PM]:

Man, Rozier trained himself into tip top shape.

TheAvenger [9:02 PM]:

a ufc event without “face the pain”? Promotional Malpractice

ChrisPCT [9:02 PM]:

sweet burp

ChrisPCT [9:02 PM]:


Mob_of_Heffers [9:02 PM]:

lamezzz n themzz

Bryan Tucker [9:02 PM]:

Dave Meltzer.. if you can tell us what arena was like before the show

ChrisPCT [9:02 PM]:

sweet mic

NewYorkRic [9:02 PM]:

No judges’ scores. gazes longingly

Chuck Mindenhall [9:02 PM]:

I’ve got intro music. Muscle man on globe just flexed. Snow storm on the way. Sync up quick.

Shaun Al-Shatti [9:02 PM]:

Where anything can happen! And probably will!


You mean…. ‘Let the teeth fly’ brian!

Bryan Tucker [9:01 PM]:

Everyone hit play and let’s watch the big storm indoors

Shaun Al-Shatti [9:01 PM]:

@JOEUFCFAN You’re the man

TheAvenger [9:01 PM]:

he can box and grapple. how can you beat that??

ChrisPCT [9:01 PM]:

wow that logo guy looks like some dude in japan that slaps people around

mjs8777 [9:01 PM]:

everyone start?

Dave Meltzer [9:00 PM]:

It’s Rich G Man Goins

evan.stratton [9:00 PM]:

I think the boxing glove is a great strategy, Art is sure to land a ton of jabs and is going to need the protection


Shaun al-shatti…. P4P #1 guy on the planet

Bryan Tucker [9:00 PM]:

Hey everyone, welcome to our first chat using this tool as we watch UFC 1 together

Shaun Al-Shatti [9:00 PM]:

$10 on Tuli. Easy money. Dude’s got this in the bag

ERG913 [9:00 PM]:

I just wish Greg Stott got into the game earlier so he could participate in this. Who knows how far the R.I.P. would have carried him.

ChrisPCT [8:59 PM]:

1 minute1

eastbayjames [8:59 PM]:

It’s about to get real in Colorado!

TheAvenger [8:59 PM]:

the guy with the one boxing glove is clearly going to win it all.

Chuck Mindenhall [8:58 PM]:

@Leek The Sabaki Challenge…yeah baby.

CallumLeslieMMA [8:57 PM]:

I heard Gordeau might be a Nazi. Just a rumour though.

NewYorkRic [8:57 PM]:

@ChrisPCT That ever-refreshing bar at the top.

Longjong [8:57 PM]:

@NewYorkRic Haha You’ll make it bro I’m with you in spirit.

Leek [8:57 PM]:

It ’s a lock for Smith, he won the sabaki challenge!

CallumLeslieMMA [8:57 PM]:

I’m with Ric. What is with this living organism at the top of the chat? It doesn’t stop moving.

NewYorkRic [8:57 PM]:

@Longjong Don’t go! I need you.

ChrisPCT [8:57 PM]:

where is the countdown bar ?

soundvisionjared [8:56 PM]:

Bill Wallace burping within the first 3o seconds sealed the deal.

NewYorkRic [8:56 PM]:

@Chuck Mindenhall This countdown bar is frightening.

Longjong [8:56 PM]:

Damn I was thinking you guys were going to stream it as you discussed. Back to skyrim it is.

ERG913 [8:56 PM]:

I’ve been saying Gordeau should drop down a weight class for years!!

ChrisPCT [8:55 PM]:

I personally have that Samrock guy, has big muscles

Bryan CaraGay [8:55 PM]:

Diaz won rounds 2,3, and 5!!!!!!!

Chuck Mindenhall [8:55 PM]:

Am I the only one thinking this as Teila Tuli’s night? The size matters. Take it to the bank.

NewYorkRic [8:55 PM]:

@CallumLeslieMMA Unacceptable.

CallumLeslieMMA [8:53 PM]:

Thanks Ric. Let the record show it’s 2am here. I may fall asleep.

NewYorkRic [8:53 PM]:

@ChrisPCT Confirmed for me.

ChrisPCT [8:53 PM]:

Just wondering if everyone’s dvd is about 1:30 long?

NewYorkRic [8:52 PM]:

@CallumLeslieMMA I really hope not. That would be a shame.

CallumLeslieMMA [8:52 PM]:

Boring question – are there any glaring differences between the UK DVD release and the US one?

Dave Meltzer [8:50 PM]:

Ready to start

MMASpectator [8:49 PM]:

Looking forward to this live chat.

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