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UFC Fight Night 29 results: Dong Hyun Kim 'stuns' Erick Silva with blistering knockout

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Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Some believed Dong Hyun Kim would upset Erick Silva in his native Brazil at UFC Fight Night 29 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, but few thought it would end the way it did. Seemingly out of nowhere, Kim positively drilled Silva with a left hand that the Braziian ate flush and sent him crashing to the canvas completely unconscious giving him the shocking knockout victory.

Things, however, started more conventionally.

Right away in the first round, Kim relentlessly pursued the takedown. The vast majority of these attempts failed and the Brazilian looked to be cruising, but that wasn't to be. This went on for several minutes, but the South Korean judoka was finally able to plant the Brazilian on the mat. After a series of evasive maneuvers, Kim briefly took mount on the Brazilian, although Silva was finally able to hip escape to half guard. There was no place to hide there either as Kim nearly threatened with a kimura lock before letting to go to land ground and pound.

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In the second frame, Silva tried to take the offense first, landing a series of hard pinches and even a drilling elbow strike that had the out of town fighter hurt. Kim, however, was able to recover, and even pressure for takedowns, but even that wasn't to last. Silva landed a number of hard, wining punches and rock the South Korean.

That's when Kim dropped the boom on him.

As Kim drove forward, both fighters traded left hooks, but Kim was able to take his head off of center while Silva did not. That means the Brazilian ate the shot flush and as he did, he absolutely crumpled to the mat. The end came officially at 3:01 of round two.

Kim moves to 18-2-1 with 1 no-contest on his MMA record while Silva drops to 15-4 with 1 no-contest.