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UFC Fight Night 29 results: Rousimar Palhares heel hooks Mike Pierce in 31 seconds

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Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

If his fight with Mike Pierce at UFC Fight Night 29 is any indication, Rousimar Palhares' welterweight future looks bright. The former middleweight made short work of Pierce, submitting the American in just 31 seconds into the first round with a heel hook.

Right off the bat, Pierce secured a double leg takedown, but Palhares countered it with an attempted heel hook. As Pierce readjusted and tried to claim a top position, Palhares was able to stand. The Brazilian pressed Pierce into the fence and rather than press for a takedown, he sat for another heel hook, one which he was able to secure after a quick readjustment.

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The bout last just 31 seconds before Pierce tapped. There is some controversy, however, that Palhares held the submission long after Pierce tapped in defeat.

Palhares moves to 15-5 in professional MMA while Pierce slides to 17-6.