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UFC Fight Night 29 undercard live blog: Alcantara vs. Araujo, more

Chris Cariaso will face Iliarde Santos on the UFC Fight Night 29 undercard.
Chris Cariaso will face Iliarde Santos on the UFC Fight Night 29 undercard.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

This is the UFC Fight Night 29 undercard live blog for the UFC Fight Night 29 event at the Ginasio Jose Correa in Barueri, Brazil.

There will be four fights on the UFC Fight Night 29 undercard. Ildemar Alcantara vs. Igor Araujo, Yan Cabral vs. David Mitchell, Iliarde Santos vs. Chris Cariaso, and Alan Patrick vs. Garrett Whiteley will be featured on the prelims.

Check out the UFC Fight Night 29 undercard below.

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Alan Patrick vs. Garrett Whiteley
Round 1: Marc Goddard is our third man in the cage. Two UFC rookies here. Almost immediately Patrick closes the distance and dumps Whiteley on the mat. Whiteley uses the fence to climb to his feet. Patrick releases. The Brazilian crowd is raucous already. Ooof, there's our first groin shot. Whiteley takes some time to recover. We're back. Patrick unleashes a wild capoeira kick. It nearly lands. Whiteley catches Patrick with a stiff uppercut off the break. Patrick fires back with a left. Patrick ducks under a right then misses with a head kick. Whiteley connects with a hard knee to the dome. Whoa, Patrick crushes Whiteley with a huge straight left! Whiteley stumbles back then crumbles. Patrick swarms and that's it. Nice debut.

Alan Patrick def. Garrett Whiteley via knockout (strikes) at 3:54 of round 1.

Iliarde Santos vs. Chris Cariaso
Round 1: Our referee for this flyweight bout is Keith Peterson. Touch of gloves and we're off. Santos blocks a high kick then fires off a leg kick. Cariaso charges forward but can't connect. Santos whiffs on a big right hand. Santos clinches then trips Cariaso, landing in side control. Santos briefly advances to mount but Cariaso reclaims his half guard. Santos seizes Cariaso's back then threatens with a kneebar. Cariaso scrambles out and stands. Santos misses a spinning back elbow off the break. Santos crushes Cariaso with a combination against the fence. Cariaso scurries out. Santos charges inside and changes levels to a single. Cariaso defends. Santos switches to a double and plants Cariaso on his back. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Santos.

Round 2: Santos blocks a high kick. And another. One more. Santos catches Cariaso with a short shot. Cariaso trying to stick and move while Santos loads up on his punches. Santos eats a right then blasts Cariaso with his own right. Wild exchange from both men. Cariaso getting the better of it. Cariaso stuns Santos with a big left hand. Cariaso charges inside and unloads. Santos falls to his back. Cariaso jumps into his guard and unleashes a salvo. Santos climbs to his feet and connects on a huge knee. Great action here. Cariaso continues to pour it on. Santos shoots for a double but Cariaso has none of it. Santos cracks Cariaso with a right hook. Cariaso backs Santos up with straight punches. Cariaso is relentless. Santos stumbles, then climbs back to his feet. Cariaso traps him against the fence and unloads another salvo. Whoa, Peterson jumps in to stop it. That was a tough stoppage, but understandable. Things were only going to get worse.

Chris Cariaso def. Iliarde Santos via TKO (strikes) at 4:31 of round 2. 

Yan Cabral vs. David Mitchell
Round 1: Referee Mario Yamasaki oversees the action. Cabral wings an overhand right then closes the distance and takes Mitchell's back. Cabral muscles him to the mat and sinks in one hook. Wow. Mitchell scrambles and escapes, but Cabral transitions into mount. Mitchell squirms out but Cabral goes right into side control. Mitchell gives up his back. Cabral sinks in both hooks. Mitchell escapes again. Furious pace here. Cabral works into half guard, then side control. Mitchell rolls and gives up his back. Mitchell powers to his feet but Cabral is still plastered onto him. Mitchell finally powers free. Cabral closes the distance right away and secures Mitchell's back. Mitchell defends one takedown attempt, but can't mount any offense at all. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Cabral.

Round 2: Cabral smashes Mitchell with a right hand. Mitchell topples backward and Cabral swarms. Mitchell just trying to stay alive here. Cabral takes Mitchell's back, but Mitchell recovers his wits and escapes, eventually attacking with a leg lock. Hell of a start to the round. Cabral working from half guard, trying to set up a head and arm choke. Mitchell escapes but Cabral advances into side control. Mitchell stands and grasps for a kimura. Mitchell tosses Cabral and looks for the submission, but Cabral escapes into top position. Mitchell throws up an omaplata but can't get it. Cabral stands then dives into half guard. Cabral advances into side control, then takes Mitchell's back. Mitchell stands, but it's short lived. Incredible control from Cabral. Mitchell stands with Cabral latched onto his back. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Cabral. (20-18 overall.)

Round 3: Mitchell charges inside winging punches then backs out. Cabral tosses out a high kick. Mitchell closes the distance against the fence. Cabral paws out his jab then changes levels and wrestles Mitchell to the canvas, landing inside his guard. Cabral explodes into side control, then mount. Wow, that was slick. Cabral rains down a salvo of short elbows and punches. Mitchell gives up his back. Cabral sinks in one hook, then another. Cabral hunting for a rear-naked choke. Mitchell twists away but Cabral secures side control. Again Mitchell gives up his back. And we're back to half guard. Total dominance. Mitchell throws up a desperation triangle. Wow, it nearly works. Cabral muscles out then hunts for a head and arm choke. Mitchell survives, but this one was as one-sided as they get. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Cabral. (30-27 overall.)

Yan Cabral def. David Mitchell via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Ildemar Alcantara vs. Igor Araujo
Round 1: Marc Goddard is our third man in the cage. Alcantara blocks a high kick, but Araujo follows it up with a hard front kick then shoots for a double. Alcantara defends, then pushes Araujo to the mat. Alcantara allows him up. Araujo changes levels for another double but can't get it. Alcantara muscles Arajuo against the fence. The Brazilian crowd voices their displeasure. Alcantara secures a takedown. Arajuo scrambles out and nearly latches onto a guillotine. Alcantara escapes into top position. Arajuo muscles up but Alcantara snatches a ninja choke and squeezes. This one is tight. Somehow Arajuo contorts his head out, ending the round raining blows down from top position. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Alcantara.

Round 2: Araujo wades inside the pocket and cracks Alcantara with a flurry. Alcantara wraps up a body lock then wrestles Araujo to the mat, landing in top position. Araujo throws up an omaplata, then transitions into a gogoplata. Whoa there. That was actually close. Alcantara escapes then stands. Alcantara lets Araujo up. Alcantara misses with a kick to the body. Big exchange ends with Alcantara throwing Araujo to the mat. Araujo reverses into top position, then works into half guard. More boos from the Brazilian crowd. Araujo postures up and rains down a few shots. Big hammerfist from Araujo. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Araujo. (19-19 overall.)

Round 3: A big mouse is blowing up underneath Araujo's left eye. Alcantara looks exhausted. Alcantara charges inside but can't connect. Araujo dives into a double leg attempt, and gets it. Alcantara seizes a kimura from bottom position, but Araujo slips out. Araujo begins working short punches and elbows from half guard. Alcantara grasps for a heel hook but it didn't stand a chance. Araujo postures up and unloads more short punches. Goddard wants action. Alcantara grasps for an outside heel hook. Araujo lazily hammerfists Alcantara's thigh. More boos from the crowd, this time louder. Araujo stands, escapes then dives into side control. Araujo advances into mount and rains down blows as the horn sounds. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Araujo. (29-28 Araujo.)

Igor Araujo def. Ildemar Alcantara via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)