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Donald Cerrone mulling featherweight move after UFC 167

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Donald Cerrone may soon have a new home.

While fielding questions during a Monday live Google chat, the longtime lightweight contender indicated that he's considering a drop down to featherweight following his upcoming UFC 167 bout against Evan Dunham.

"I need to get (Mike) Dolce on my side. I'm going to 145 after this fight," a bearded Cerrone said.

"[Featherweight] is going to be a lifestyle change. No more Bud Light and Budweisers. No more stopping with Chris on the way here to eat random food. No more late nights with (UFC Senior Director of Public Relations) Dave Sholler at Wendy's. Those are all things you're going to have to change."

At six-feet tall, with a reach of 73 inches, Cerrone is already a large lightweight by any measure.

Nonetheless, after dropping three of his past six contests, including his most recent upset loss to Rafael dos Anjos, "Cowboy" suggested that the change of scenery, while perhaps not permanent, could do him some good.

"I just think I could really dominate down there," Cerrone said. "I don't know. Most people lose a lot of fights, and they run down. I'm going to go down to 45 after a win, so we'll see. I'll still be at 55 though, I'll play back and forth. Why not? Go get the belt."

Cerrone went on to explain that while no decision is yet final, he has already spoken to members of the UFC's public relations team and UFC matchmaker Sean Shelby about the potential change.

"They're like, as long as you can healthily make the weight. We don't want to see you in there dying," Cerrone said, before joking, "But Kenny Florian made it. I'll probably look worse than him, so it should be fun."