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Following Bellator release, Maiquel Falcao rematches Vyacheslav Vasilevsky in Russia

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Vyacheslav Vasilevsky will meet Maiquel Falcao again, and he’s fighting in his backyard. Less than two years after their first fight at Bellator 66, Vasilevsky and Falcao will rematch at Pro AMMA on Dec. 14 in Russia.

Marcelo Brigadeiro told that Falcao is no longer a RFT fighter, but he wants to help him to get his career back on track.

"I believe this fight is a chance for Maiquel to get back to the MMA scenario through his abilities as a fighter," Brigadeiro said. "Falcao is not part of the team anymore, but I try to help him any way I can, and that’s the time when he needs support."

Falcao defeated Vasilevsky in April 2012 for the Bellator season 6 middleweight tournament semifinal, and became the tournament winner one month later with a win over Andreas Spang. Vasilevsky was released from the promotion after that loss and has gone 6-0 since with five stoppage wins.

Falcao, on the other hand, has had a tougher path.

The Brazilian fought for the middleweight title against Alexander Shlemenko after his winning the tournament, but lost by way of knockout in the title fight.

Four months later, Falcao and a fellow MMA fighter Kaue Mena got involved in a brawl inside a gas station in Brazil, and both got brutally beat by several other men, one of them using a piece of wood. They were expelled from their team by Brigadeiro, and later released by Bellator.

And that wasn’t the first time Falcao had problems outside the cage. Back in 2002, two years before he made his MMA debut, Falcao was sentenced to two years in prison for assaulting a woman outside a nightclub in Brazil. For that reason, the UFC released him before his second fight inside the Octagon.