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WSOF 6 weigh-in video

At the WSOF 6 weigh-ins, all 22 fighters taking part in Saturday night's WSOF 6 fights will step on the scale Friday evening, and we'll have the live video here at

In the main event, Josh Burkman and Steve Carl will have to make the welterweight weight limit of 170 pounds.

The WSOF 6 weigh-in takes place at 5 p.m. ET, and the video is above.

The WSOF 6 weigh-in results are below:

Main card:
Josh Burkman (169.6) vs. Steve Carl (169.6)
Jon Fitch (170.4) vs. Marcelo Alfaya (172)
Dan Lauzon (158)* vs. Justin Gaethje (155.8)
Marlon Moraes (136) vs. Carson Beebe (136)

Miguel Torres (145.2) vs. Pablo Alfonso (145.4)
Jacob Volkmann (155.4) vs. Luiz Firmino (156)
Francisco France (204.4) vs. Hans Stringer (205)
Alexis Vila (135.6) vs. Josh Rettinghouse (135.8)
Alexandre Pimentel (146.2) vs. Jade Porter (145.8)
Fabio Mello (145.6) vs. Nick LoBosco (145.4)
Chad Robinchaux (134.4) vs. Andrew Yates (140.4)