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Marcelo Alfaya wants to spoil WSOF plans with win over Jon Fitch

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World Series of Fighting signed top ranked welterweight Jon Fitch as soon as UFC released him earlier this year, but a 41-second loss in his promotional debut to Josh Burkman wasn’t in WSOF's plans. Fitch is set to return to the cage on Oct. 26 in Coral Gables, Florida, but Marcelo Alfaya wants to spoil the promotion’s back-up plans by giving him another loss at WSOF 6.

"WSOF signed him to make him their champion, invested a lot of money on him," Alfaya told "Everybody knows that. Nobody expected him to lose and now they want to bring him back with a win to give him a rematch with Burkman."

Burkman fights for the inaugural welterweight championship when he meets Steve Carl at WSOF 6’s main event, and Alfaya feels the promotion wants him to lose so they can set Fitch vs. Burkman 3 for the title.

"They want him as the champion, but it won’t happen," he said. "They want to feed the shark, but they are feeding him with a piranha that will eat his stomach and get out with the win."

Fitch has only won one of his last five fights, but the Brazilian still sees him as one of the best welterweights in the world.

"He lost to the best jiu-jitsu fighter in this division, and the other one landed a good punch before submitting him," he said. "It doesn’t show anything that we didn’t know before. Putting him on his back and landing a good punch are the ways to defeat him and it has happened now. I will stop his takedowns and throw my hands on him. He’s the star. My goal is to beat him and fight for the title next."

Alfaya’s loss to Jake Ellenberger at Bellator 11, three years ago, was the only one on his last seven bouts, and he feels he’s ready to move into the next level with a win over the AKA welterweight.

"I’ve trained with some great wrestlers at American Top Team and I’m ready and confident for the fight," he said. "I’m not going there just to step inside the cage and give Jon Fitch a win, I’m going there to beat him."

"Defeating Fitch will be the biggest accomplishment of my career," he continued. "I’ve fought some top guys before like Jake Ellenberger and Luiz Cane, but I’m 34 years old now so this fight is really important. He’s one of the top welterweights in the world and it will completely change my career. My goal is to get in the UFC and a win over Fitch will open a lot of doors for me."

"Grilo" has earned stoppage wins in 10 of his 15 professional victories, but can he do it against Fitch?

"He has a good cardio, keeps the pressure all the time, but I’ll be ready to block his all of his attempts," he said. "If he takes me down, I believe in my jiu-jitsu. He won’t be able to do anything with me, actually. And I can take him down as well. I have some good takedowns."