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Cain Velasquez hopes second victory leads to 'no more excuses' from Junior dos Santos

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

HOUSTON -- Cain Velasquez set out to prove a point on Saturday night. And ultimately he did so in brutal fashion, at long last finishing his rival Junior dos Santos with a ferocious fifth-round TKO to retain his heavyweight title in the electric main event of UFC 166.

"I'm definitely satisfied," Velasquez said afterward. "Hopefully no more excuses on his part. That's it."

In a scene eerily reminiscent of the pair's second fight, dos Santos suffered a relentless sustained beating for four rounds before Velasquez finally put the nail in the coffin. The final salvo punctuated what essentially became ten consecutive rounds of domination by Velasquez.

"We don't look for the finish," Velasquez shrugged. "We just look to keep putting pressure on, keep doing what we're doing, and if the finish happens, it happens.

"I'm going to keep going until he pulls me off."

Prior to fight night, Velasquez vowed to end the rivalry with his performance in this third bout, while dos Santos firmly believed the two titans, both ranked within the top-two in the world and both still well within their athletic prime, would meet several times over the next few years.

It seemed to be a likely scenario, however in light of Velasquez's repeat dominance, even UFC President Dana White is unsure if dos Santos will ever get a fourth shot to even the score.

"I truly think Cain Velasquez is the best heavyweight in the world," White said.

"Going into this fight, the thing I said about both of these guys is, no matter who wins tonight, these guys knock off most of the other guys. I think they're the two best. But then you've got to question, coming off a beating like Junior dos Santos has had twice, I don't know (where he stands)."