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Texas commission to Daniel Cormier: Roy Nelson doesn't have to shave beard

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Esther Lin

The verdict is in: The beard stays.

Daniel Cormier had made much ado about wanting his opponent at UFC 166 on Saturday night, Roy Nelson, to shave his beard before their heavyweight fight.

But according to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, Cormier has no recourse to make such a request. So Cormier will fight "Big Country" in Houston with the latter's unruly whiskers intact.

But after Cormier filed a complaint with the commission, the commission informed him that it doesn't regulate such matters as facial hygiene. Ariel Helwani reported the news on Wednesday's edition of UFC Tonight.

As recently as Monday, Cormier, who is at 225 pounds as of midweek for his last before a planned drop to light heavyweight, told his reasoning on why he made such a request.

"(He's been) kinda messing with me up top and in my head and everything, so there's something there with that beard. He only had it for a reason. He likes having it, so why not make him shave it, and take that comfort zone away from him?"