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Yan Cabral robbed at gunpoint two days after first UFC win

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Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Yan Cabral made his UFC debut on Wednesday with a unanimous decision victory over David Mitchell at UFC Fight Night 29 in Barueri, Brazil, but he lost part of the money he made in the fight as soon as he returned to Rio de Janeiro.

Sources close to the fighter told that Cabral had just left the bank when two men robbed him at gunpoint in Marques de Abrantes street, a few blocks from Nova Uniao training center. O Dia first reported the news.

"I went to the bank to get the money to pay (Pederneiras)," Cabral told, "and when I was entering the gym the guy pointed a gun to my face and took my money."

The TUF Brazil 2 contestant lost the money he would use to pay his head coach and manager, Nova Uniao’s leader Andre Pederneiras.

"I was talking to my girlfriend last night about this," he said. "She started talking about the violence in Rio de Janeiro and I defended (the city), saying that I live here for 15 years and never even saw an someone being robbed here."