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UFC on FOX 6 results: Anthony Pettis calls his shot, finishes Donald Cerrone

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Anthony Pettis said it was personal. He said Donald Cerrone would pay for antagonizing him. He said he was going to make a statement. Every word out of his mouth was backed up at Saturday night's UFC on FOX 6 fight. Pettis fought like a man possessed, punishing Cerrone with a vast array of standing strikes.

He switched stances, he punched, he kicked, and he finished.

Pettis crumpled Cerrone with a vicious body kick and then added a couple of cursory ground strikes for the finish at 2:35 of the first round.

Basically, it was Showtime for "Showtime."

"I knew I was going to finish him," he said afterward. "Donald called me out. He shouldn't have done that. I ain't scared of anyone. I want that belt ASAP."

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Pettis (16-2) landed several significant strikes despite the limited fight time. His first strike of the fight was a right cross that found its mark, and he was off to the races. He changed planes going from the legs to the head and then the body, and just when Cerrone seemed to settle in, Pettis confused him further by switching stances to southpaw.

From there, Pettis landed a kick to the body that hurt Cerrone. Moments later, he followed up with an ever harder kick to the same spot, and two punches later, it was a wrap, marking the first time Cerrone had ever been knocked out as Pettis made his case for the lightweight division's No. 1 contender spot.

"Dana, what do I have to do to get that title shot?" he said.

He might have done enough.