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TUF: Australia vs. UK - 'The Smashes' Teams Announced

Brendon Thorne, Getty Images
Brendon Thorne, Getty Images
Getty Images

Lightweights and welterweights will comprise the two teams as the UK and Australia go to battle on the next international edition of The Ultimate Fighter.

The UFC on Wednesday released the list of 16 contestants who will make up the show's roster. It will premiere on Sept. 19 in Australia, with airings on FX there. Viewers outside of Australia can view the season's episodes on

Team UK will be coached by Ross Pearson while Australia will be guided by George Sotiropoulos. As always, the coaches will meet at the conclusion of the season. The cast list is below.

Team Australia
Grant Blackler, 23 years old (8-0 record)
Patrick Iodice, 19 (5-0)
Richie Vaculik, 29 (9-1)
Ben Wall, 23 (6-0)

Ben Alloway, 31 (12-3)
Xavier Lucas, 31 (8-3)
Manuel Rodriguez, 27 (9-3)
Robert Whitaker, 21 (9-2)

Team UK
Colin Fletcher, 29 (8-1)
Norman Parke, 25 (16-2)
Michael Pastou, 30 (9-2)
Mike Wilkinson, 24 (7-0)

Luke Newman, 22 (5-0)
Bola Omoyele, 30 (6-1)
Valentino Petrescu, 30 (12-2)
Brad Scott, 23 (8-1)

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