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Jon Jones Opens Up About UFC 151 Cancellation, Says He Felt Like 'a Piece of Meat'

Scott Cunningham, Getty Images
Scott Cunningham, Getty Images
Getty Images

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones joined us recently for a special edition of The MMA (After) Hour in what was his first full interview since it was announced he would be fighting Vitor Belfort at UFC 152, not Dan Henderson (or Chael Sonnen) at UFC 151.

Jones talked at length about why he refused to fight Sonnen on short notice at UFC 151, how he felt after hearing some of the things UFC president Dana White said about him after the fact, how he has dealt with the enormous amount of criticism he has received, his thoughts on Sonnen, his current relationship with White, where he goes from here, fighting Belfort, and much more.

Listen to the 41-minute interview below or download the .mp3 by clicking here.

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