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UFC on FUEL TV 5 live blog: Stefan Struve vs. Stipe Miocic

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The sixth and final fight of the night at UFC on FUEL TV 5 is Stefan Struve vs. Stipe Miocic. This is a heavyweight fight, meaning neither fighter can be heavier than 256 pounds (with a one pound allowance). This bout is scheduled for five, five-minute rounds and is the main event of the night.

Round 1: the referee in charge of the action is Herb Dean. Both fighters open orthodox. Miocic goes twice to the body, but Struve seems unimpressed. Both fighters exchange leg kicks. Miocic going over and over to the body. Struve's head kick glances Miocic's head and Miocic follows with two shots to the body. Struve gets taken down with a single leg, but Miocic moves out as Struve postured for a submission. Nice knee to the body from Struve and hard outside leg kick. Leaping jab from Miocic as the round ends.

MMA Fighting scores this round 10-9 Miocic

Round 2: Sruve lands a hard middle kick to open the frame. A groin kick from Stuve very briefly stops the action, but they resume fighting after a few seconds. Miocic reaches for a single leg, but lets it go mid-attempt. Struve leaping in with big hooks, but neither seems to land. Miocic is hurt and Struve is teeing off on him with uppercuts. Left hook from Miocic finds the mark. And another backs Struve up. Struve lands an uppercut, hook combo and Miocic is hurt. Miocic slips on the mat and eats a hard right for his effort. That rocks Miocic badly and Struve finishes with a few more punches until the referee stops the fight as Miocic falls to the mat.

Stefan Struve def. Stipe Miocic by TKO (strikes, ref. stoppage) at 3:50 of round 2