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Morning Report: Frank Mir Injured, Out of Strikeforce Bout Opposite Daniel Cormier

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

This is beyond unbelievable.

UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir suffered an undisclosed injury in training and will now be forced to withdraw from his cross-promotional clash against Strikeforce heavyweight grand prix champion Daniel Cormier. first confirmed the news late Tuesday night.

Mir, of course, was tapped to become the first active UFC fighter to fight a champion under the Strikeforce banner. The bout was meant to serve as Cormier's final fight in Strikeforce before crossing over into the UFC. Strikeforce officials are currently working on locating a replacement opponent.

I really am speechless at this point. Within the past few weeks, Dan Henderson, Erik Koch, Rampage Jackson, Jose Aldo, and now Frank Mir have all fallen victim to this injury epidemic, slashing and burning a majority of the upcoming autumn fight schedule with them. Every week it's a new disaster, and every time you think we're finally in the clear and there couldn't possibly be any more injuries, someone else bites the dust.

Who knows how Zuffa salvages this one. At the rate guys are dropping like flies, there's apparently a very good chance we'll be back in this same boat next month. Even if this may just be a ridiculous of run of bad luck, it's hard to not be frustrated with such continual disappointment.

Seriously, anyone else need a drink? First round is on me.



Mir injured. An injury to former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir has led to his withdrawal from a November 3 cross-promotional Strikeforce bout against Daniel Cormier. Zuffa officials are currently seeking a replacement opponent for Cormier.

Melendez welcomes fourth Thomson bout. In a surprising change of tune, Strikeforce lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez said he would be open to a fourth bout against former champ Josh Thomson. Following his May 19 victory over Thomson, Melendez made it clear he wouldn't entertain the thought of a fourth fight with his rival.

UFC 152 Facebook dissection. David Castillo dissects and predicts UFC 152's three-fight Facebook undercard, which features Kyle Noke vs. Charlie Brenneman, Mitch Gagnon vs. Walel Watson, and Seth Baczynski vs. Simeon Thoresen.

TUF 16 debut ratings. Last Friday's debut of The Ultimate Fighter 16 drew a reported 947,000 viewers, the lowest audience in TUF history. Last season's debut drew 1.3 million viewers.

Pulver joins bantamweight grand prix. Former UFC champion Jens Pulver is one of four announced entrants into ONE FC's bantamweight world grand prix, which is set to kick off at ONE FC 6. In addition, Zorobabel Moreira will challenge former Shooto champion Kotetsu Boku for the inaugural ONE FC lightweight belt.



For an 8-to-1 underdog, Vitor Belfort sure looks sharp at 205 pounds.


Let's give this puppy a second try. To quote myself yesterday, if this clip doesn't convince you to fly to Vegas and drop $100 down on Stephan Bonnar over Anderson Silva right now, I don't know what would.


Hey look, another promo tweeted out by Dana White that uses copyrighted footage and was uploaded to YouTube by a likely UFC dummy account. But hey, at least it's entertaining.


I don't know what makes this X-Arm knockout better: 1.) The announcers' apparent disregard of any sense of professionalism, or 2.) The fact that these guys' names are freakin' Tater Williams and Bond Laupua. (Actually, who am I kidding? I'll take Tater vs. Bond all day.)

(HT: CagePotato)


Jon Jones embarked on another ESPN media tour yesterday, at one point stopping by the First Take set to talk shop with Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless.











Announced yesterday (Tuesday, September 18, 2012):

- Strikeforce: Cormier vs. Mir: Frank Mir (16-6) out with injury opposite Daniel Cormier (10-0)

- ONE FC 6: Jens Pulver (26-17-1) vs. Zhao Ya Fei (0-0) for bantamweight grand prix quarterfinal

- ONE FC 6: Min Jung Song (3-4) vs. Masakatsu Ueda (15-2) for bantamweight grand prix quarterfinal



Today's Fanpost of the Day is by HeadKickOfDoom, and it thankfully has nothing to do with Frank Mir: 5 Other Historical Mismatched UFC Main Events

This coming Saturday, we MMA fans will finally be thrown a bone when we finally get some sweet sweet UFC action. It should be an action packed evening with some excellent fights. Then we will get to the main event, and we will get to see what should equate to a legalized murder. Just in case our palates will not be filled then, we can wait a month and watch UFC 153. That event is headlined by Anderson Silva vs Stephan Bonnar, in what could possibly be the biggest one sided beating in the history of the UFC.

Now for newer fans, this is not the first time these things have happened. There have been a couple of times during the history of the company in which the main event was a significant mismatch. Below are 5 other mismatches that have main evented a UFC event before. Please note, I didn't include any of the tournament final matches in this, as those were not booked, they were a progression of the tourney.

UFC 32 - June 29th 2001

Tito Ortiz vs Elvis Sinosic for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship

In 2001, Tito Ortiz was at the height of his powers. He had won the LHW championship a year prior at UFC 25 with a victory over Wanderlei Silva, and had already defended his title twice, with victories over Yuki Kondo and the late Evan Tanner. Enter Australian Elvis "The King Of Rock N Rumble" Sinosic. Sinosic entered the fight with a 4 - 3 - 1 record, and basically was given this fight on the strength of his previous submission of Jeremy Horn at UFC 30, as well as managing to not get murdered by the legendary Frank Shamrock in a K-1 fight (an extremely one sided fight at that). Despite Chuck Liddell having a better claim at this fight, Tito had no interest in fighting Chuck, so Elvis was thrown to the wolves.

It was apparent right from the start the Sinosic had no business being in the cage with Ortiz. He was taken down almost immediately, and then proceeded to get a vicious, old school Tito Ortiz s--tkicking for his efforts.

Result: TKO at 3:32 of the 1st round

UFC 53 June 4th 2005

Andrei Arlovski vs Justin Eilers for the Interim Heavyweight Title

Showing just how absolutely terrible the UFC Heavyweight division was at the time, Fedor vs Cro Cop happened about a month after this HW title fight in Pride FC. While Eilers came into this fight with a respectable 9 - 3 record, he was coming off a 1st round KO to Paul Buentello. Arlovski at the time was a beast, having rung off 4 consecutive stoppage victories. Eilers had gotten this fight when Ricco Rodriguez was forced to pull out of the event, and a lot of people were skeptical at the validity of this matchup. The skeptics were proved right, as Arlovski came out firing, constantly beating the former Miletich Fighting Systems fighter to the punch. Eilers' ended up blowing out his knee towards the end of the 1st round, but he was getting battered regardless leading up to the unfortunate injury.

Winner: Andrei Arlovski TKO 4:22 in the 1st round

UFC 21 - July 16th 1999

Pat Miletich vs Andre Pederneiras for the UFC Welterweight Championship

In the dark ages of the UFC, the lighter weight classes were often ignored in favor of large, poorly conditioned heavyweights slobbering all over one another (with of course, some notable exceptions). At the time, Pat Miletich had yet to be defeated in the Octagon. Prior to this fight, Miletich had been submitted in Hawaii at SuperBrawl by a Japanese fighter by the name of Jutaro Nakao. Instead of booking a potential rematch for the Iowa native's UFC title, the UFC brought in 1 - 0 BJJ blackbelt (and future Nova Uniao founder) Andre Pederneiras. Miletich was taking criticism for being a boring fighter, and not being able to finish opponents in the Octagon. He was said to be fighting too safe, so he was basically GSP before GSP.

The fight was a fairly dull affair, as Pederneiras decided he was going to try and stand with Miletich for a little over a round. They traded some single shots for awhile, until Miletich timed a leg kick perfectly and clipped the Brazilian with a crisp right hand. Pederneiras would finally get it to the ground by pulling guard, but the right hand he had eaten opened a gash over his left eye, and ended the fight. While Pederneiras was a decorated BJJ player, after 1 victory he was essentially thrown to the wolves.

Result: Pat Miletich wins via TKO (cut) at 2:20 of the 2nd round.

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