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Morning Report: Jon Jones Reportedly Asked Dana White to Put an End to Chael Sonnen's Trash Talk


To say Jon Jones hasn't had the best week would be putting things mildly. It's hard to remember a fighter who took such a dramatic hit in the court of public opinion in this short of a time, and unfortunately, just when we thought the UFC 151 drama was over, it looks like things may be getting a little worse before they get better.

According to a report from The Wrestling Observer, prior to last week's debacle, Jones got so upset with Chael Sonnen's Twitter badgering, he actually contacted UFC President Dana White to "ask him to tell Chael to stop."

Regardless of how you feel about Jones, if the report is indeed true, it's the last thing this guy needed right now. At best, it looks like one of the greatest fighters on the planet has skin thinner than a fresh-cut peach. At worst, it seems akin to a child running to Mom to get his older brother to stop picking on him, and is a far cry from his "I'm more man than you'll ever be" rebuttal. Either way, nothing good can come out of this.

Jones' roller-coaster of scrutiny has been outrageous lately, and while he may be a victim of a slow news cycle, neither him, nor his camp have really done much proactively to stop it. As Joe Rogan often says, "Bones" could be the greatest talent of this generation, but watching a 25-year-old kid slowly, unwittingly dig himself deeper into a pit of public animosity is a tough sight to behold.

Hopefully, if only for Jones' sake, this whole bizarre spectacle can ultimately be forgiven next month with another display of combat brilliance.



Jones reportedly asked White to stop Sonnen smack talk. According to a report from The Wrestler Observer (subscription required), embattled UFC champion Jon Jones was "very upset" after Chael Sonnen began barraging him on Twitter, going so far as to contact UFC President Dana White and "ask him to tell Chael to stop."

Evans wants to fight at 205 in December. Glenn Robinson, manager of former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans, told MMA Weekly Radio that despite musings of a move down to 185 pounds, his client still hopes to return to the cage in December at 205 pounds.

MMA roundtable. Our own Mike Chiappetta and Dave Doyle weigh-in with their take on Jon Jones' future popularity, the UFC light heavyweight roster, whether the UFC should hold fewer events, and the chances Georges St-Pierre is upset by Carlos Condit this November.

'Cyborg' leaves Strikeforce. Evangelista 'Cyborg' Santos, ex-husband of Cris 'Cyborg,' resigned from Strikeforce last month after nearly a year of inactivity. Santos already inked a new three-fight, six-month deal with Canadian promotion Instinct MMA.

Miletich calls UFC 151 mishandling 'organizational suicide.' Retired fighter and current Strikeforce commentator Pat Miletich was baffled by the way Dana White and the UFC brass threw Jon Jones under the bus last week, referring to their decision as "organizational suicide."



Now, I know next to nothing about sumo wrestling, but watching a 200-pound man with a Judo background dominate much larger competition with his technique is pretty astounding.

(HT: Reddit)


This time the UFC Champions Roundtable takes a stab at predicting the winner of GSP-Silva and Silva-Jones superfights. But really, I think we can all agree on Royce Gracie's battle royale idea by the end.


A few days ago we teased deadmau5's new music video, which borrows the UFC license and just so happens to be the most expensive EDM video of all-time. Well it was released yesterday, and needless to say, it has very little to do with the UFC.


This one's a little older, but for all those who haven't seen it, let me introduce you to "The Flying Squirrel," Ellis Coleman.

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Announced yesterday (Wednesday, August 29, 2012):

- Strikeforce: Melendez vs. Healy: Cat Zingano (6-0) vs. Amanda Nunes (7-2)

- M-1 Global: Guram Gugenishvili (11-1) vs. Kenny Garner (11-3) booked for St.Petersburg, Russia on November 15



Today's Fanpost of the Day sees James Goyder break down this weekend's biggest card: ONE Fighting Championship: 'Pride of a Nation' Preview (Part two)

Eric Kelly vs Jens Pulver

This is a big fight for the Filipino fans who will know all about former UFC champion Pulver. A win over such a recognizable opponent for Kelly would make a statement about the standard of MMA in the Philippines, particularly if he can do it impressively, and the crowd will be behind him.

Fighting in front of 16,500 people against the forerunner for the ONE FC featherweight belt should be incentive enough for Pulver to have put together a proper training camp, something which hasn't always been the case in recent years.

Kelly tends to win by submission but is not afraid to use his stand up. Pulver's boxing and wrestling are solid and he will be dangerous in the opening exchanges but the longer the fight goes on the more it will favour the younger man and if Pulver starts to tire Kelly could finish him with strikes or a submission, something which will be very difficult to do while the ex UFC champ has a full gas tank.

Andrei Arlovski vs Tim Sylvia

We all saw the first three fight so this one shouldn't have any surprises in store, but then the way the first two meetings between these fighters was very surprising, so who knows?

Whatever happens it will be better than the third fight because, unlike at UFC 61, this is only set for three rounds. I have a feeling this fight will end suddenly and violently for the following reasons: a) Sylvia is convinced Arlovski has a weak chin and b) Arlovski's boxing is much better than Sylvia's

If Sylvia tries to test Arlovski's chin looking for a KO, which I think he will, he could well get caught by someone whose boxing was sufficiently good for him to get an offer from Golden Boy a while back. I think someone's going to get knocked out here and I think it's going to happen in the first round.

Eduard Folayang vs Felipe Enomoto

For the Filipino fans this is the main event, Folayang has found himself anointed as 'MMA's answer to Manny Pacquiao' which is a moniker he could probably do without. Coming off the controversial loss to Ole Laursen he has enough pressure on him already and this fight has got 'must win' written all over it for him.

It all makes for a perfect storyline for a fighter who, in the true Filipino spirit, is quite prepared to hit and get hit. Enomoto won't back down for a fight and the much anticipated 'stand up war' is bound to materialize although I do think we will see a few takedowns thrown in too.

Enomoto is tough and well rounded and never makes life easy for his opponents. If Folayang can put on the sort of Wushu clinic with which he dominated A Sol Kwon he should be the favourite but if he decides to rely on too many spinning attacks like he did against Laursen I think Enomoto might get the better of him.

I think this will be a three round war and a strong candidate for fight of the night and it wouldn't surprise me if it made for a difficult decision for the judges.

Bibiano Fernandes vs Gustavo Falciroli

Fernandes is the reigning DREAM bantamweight champion and one of the top 135 lbs fighters in the world. He made headlines by rejecting the UFC in favour of ONE FC and has been rewarded with a fight tougher than the one he was originally announced as participating in at UFC 149.

Falciroli, a naturalized Australian, is a BJJ black belt who will have a size and reach advantage. With both fighters having such strong grappling credentials it will be interesting to see who shoots for the takedown first or if they both try to keep it standing.

With size on his side Falciroli might be looking for a stand up war and he will be conscious that Fernandes is the more decorated grappler. It could all come down to who can dictate where the action takes place and with so many unknowns it is very difficult to predict a winner.

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