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Opponents Jay Hieron, Jake Ellenberger React to UFC 151 Cancellation

Zuffa LLC via Getty Images
Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Jay Hieron will have to wait a little longer to make his return to the UFC.

Hieron tried his best to search for a silver lining in Thursday's announcement that UFC 151 had been canceled due to Dan Henderson's injury and Jon Jones refusing to fight Chael Sonnen, but he said he'll need some time to let it all sink in.

"I'm numb, man," Hieron said. "I've been through so much stuff in my career. I just want to unwind, take a couple of days off and get back in the gym. My body is peaking right now and I'm just ready to fight."

Of course, this is all too familiar to Hieron. He was supposed to fight on the canceled Affliction: Trilogy card in 2009. He was also supposed to fight Nick Diaz for the Strikeforce welterweight title later that year before Diaz failed to get licensed by the California State Athletic Commission.

Needless to say, Hieron has had horrible luck over the past few years, but he could only laugh when asked if he was cursed.

"I hope not," he said with a chuckle. "I don't think like that. I just think it's circumstances. I try to find positives in everything. I still got a UFC contract, which is good. I guess the next time I'll have a full camp. I don't know, man. I don't know what it is.

"I damn sure hope it's not me."

Hieron was released from the UFC in Oct. 2005 and was scheduled to make his return at the now ill-fated UFC 151 against Jake Ellenberger, who he beat in June 2006. He just took that fight on short notice after Josh Koscheck pulled out due to an injury.

He said he's not mad at Jones for his decision to turn down a fight against Sonnen on eight days' notice, but he probably wouldn't do the same.

"He does what he does, I do what i do," he said. "If it's me, I fight short notice fights all the time. I know a lot of guys that do it too. But I'm not mad at him."

Ellenberger echoed Hieron's sentiments.

"I know Jon, and I like him," he said. "It's frustrating for me not being able to [fight] next weekend. My opinion would be if you're the champion you should fight who they tell you to, but I've never been in his position.

"The card being canceled is very odd."

According to sources close to the promotion, Hieron vs. Ellenberger will now take place at UFC on FX 5 on Oct. 5 in Minneapolis.

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