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Chat Wrap: UFC 151 Preview, Jones' TRT Talk, Rousey vs. Cyborg Discussion


The build-up is not even in full swing for UFC 151, yet it feels as if it is. After yesterday's media call, Jones turned his guns on opponent Dan Henderson, opening up about his criticism of Henderson's use of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). He was also highly complimentary of his opponent as it relates to his skills and accomplishments in mixed martial arts, but was unafraid to push back. Naturally, the group of MMA fans irrationally committed to disliking Jon Jones - which is distinct from those who dislike him, but aren't irrational about it - came out in full force to express their disapproval with Jones having the gall to...have an opinion? The outcome was good for all parties involved. There's enough lag time to properly promote the fight and gives fans enough red meat to chew on as the first of September rolls around.

Join me at 1 p.m. ET to discuss this fight, Jones' comments, Henderson's non-comments and whatever is on your mind in this week's live chat. In addition to UFC 151, we can discuss Ronda Rousey's big Strikeforce ratings, Frankie Edgar's drop to featherweight, Bellator 73, Shoot Brazil 33 and whatever you would prefer to discuss.

Just prior to 1 p.m. ET today, a video window will appear below in this post where I will answer all of your questions live. In the meantime (or during the chat), be sure to leave a comment, question, gripe or smart remark in the comments section below. List them all and I'll get to as many as I possibly can.

Talk to you lot this afternoon.

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