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UFC 150 Undercard Live Blog: Bermudez vs. Hayden, Hamman vs. Kuiper, More

Dennis Bermudez, pictured, will face Tom Hayden on the UFC 150 undercard on Saturday night in Denver (Esther Lin, MMA Fighting).
Dennis Bermudez, pictured, will face Tom Hayden on the UFC 150 undercard on Saturday night in Denver (Esther Lin, MMA Fighting).

This is the UFC 150 undercard live blog for the Henderson vs. Edgar event at the Pepsi Center in Denver.

There will be five fights on the undercard. Dennis Bermudez vs. Tom Hayden, Jared Hamman vs. Michael Kuiper, Ken Stone vs. Erik Perez, Dustin Pague vs. Chico Camus, and Nik Lentz vs. Eiji Mitsuoka will be featured on the prelims.

Check out the live blog below.

Nik Lentz vs. Eiji Mitsuoka

Round 1: The referee in charge of the action is Tim Mills. Mitsuoka shoots in and is stuffed with a front headlock. the two clinch along the fence and Lentz lands a knee that allows him to get behind his Japanese opponent and pull him to the ground. Mitsuoka stands, but is picked up and driven back down again. Lentz fires a right hand and shoots in for double. Lentz on top now trying to pass. Lentz flairs out as Mitsuoka tries to sweep. The Japanese fighter stands, but Lentz is still behind him and again drags him to the floor. Both hooks in now and Mitsuoka goes belly down. Lentz is pouring it on and that's it. Easy work for Lentz.

Nik Lentz def. Eiji Mitsuoka by TKO (strikes, ref stoppage) at 3:45 of round 1

Dustin Pague vs. Chico Camus

Round 1: The referee in charge of the action is Tom Johnson. Pague charging early and inside the first minute lands a nice left hook. Camus, however, catches a kick and drives Pague to the mat. He's now pressing him up in the cage and working from Pague's full guard. Before the three-minute mark, Pague locks up a triangle, but the calf is not over the back of Camus' head. Camus waits it out and Pague lets go of it. Camus with decent elbows from the top now. Pague rolls through with an oma plata, but doesn't put on the seatbelt and Camus is back in Pague's guard dropping bombs.

MMA Fighting scores this round 10-9 Pague

Round 2: Now Pague catches a kick and drives Camus to the floor. Camus stands, but eventually eats a left hook as he attempts a takedown. He gets it and is now working from half guard. Camus moves into side control and is landing a nice assortment on punches. Pague surprises Camus and recaptures full guard. Camus has Pague pressed into the fence and is landing very good elbows.

MMA Fighting scores this round 10-9 Camus

Round 3: Pague changes levels for a takedown gets it and Camus turns in the process. Pague has both hooks in on his back. Pague captures the body lock and Camus appears to be breathing heavy. And just like that, Camus reverses and moves into half guard. Now he's moved to mount and is raining punches. Pague rolls and now Camus is attempting a one-armed rear naked choke. He can't get it, but keeps mount as Pague goes back down.

MMA Fighting scores this round 10-9 Camus and the fight 29-28 Camus

Chico Camus def. Dustin Pague by unanimous decision 29-28, 30-27, 29-28

Ken Stone vs. Erik Perez

Round 1: The referee is Herb Dean. The two open up with strikes, Ken Stone is standing southpaw and Perez is orthodox. Perez gets clipped with a left, but throws a right hook of his own that badly rocks Stone. Perez follows up with punches and referee Herb Dean is left with little choice to stop the fight.

Erik Perez def. Ken Stone via TKO (strikes, ref. stoppage) at :17 of round 1

Jared Hamman vs. Michael Kuiper

Round 1: Both fighters come out orthodox with Kuiper doing all the stalking. Hamman lands a nice outside leg kick, but is circling into Kuiper's powerhand and gets clipped with a right from Kuiper. Body lock takedown picks up and puts down Hamman. Now Hamman stands. Kuiper lands a hard outside leg kick and several hard right hands. Now several more and Hamman is clearly hurt. Kuiper is almost landing at all now, but amazingly Hamman is still standing.

MMA Fighting scores this round 10-9 Kuiper

Round 2: Kuiper lands two hard inside kicks, but Hamman responds with two hard hooks. A left hook from Kuiper drops Hamman to the mat, but somehow he manages to hang on and stand. Two more rights and Hamman nearly crumbles. A right uppercut does the trick as Hamman is backing up. That's it. Kuiper wins in brutal fashion.

Michael Kuiper def. Jared Hamman by TKO (strikes, ref stoppage) at 2:16 of round 2

Dennis Bermudez vs. Tommy Hayden

Round 1: Hayden comes out southpaw, Bermudez is orthodox. Bermudez picks up a single and dumps Hayden on his back, now working from full guard. Hayden uses butterfly hooks to create separation and stands. Both fighters attempt doubles, but neither succeeds. Bermudez is trying to get to Hayden's back from the front head lock, but can't get it and both fighters stand after a brief scramble. Bermudez eats a huge knee as Bermudez was leaning over to throw a punch to the body. Hayden pounces and takes Bermudez's back. Hayden attempts an armbar, but Bermudez powers out of it. Now he's on top again in half guard. Bermudez stands and they both return to their feet. Bermudez locks up a standing guillotine and pushes Hayden back into the fence. Hayden taps and that's it.

Dennis Bermudez def. Tommy Hayden via submission (standing guillotine) at 4:43 of round 1

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