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Kimbo Slice Knocks Out Jesse Porter in Fifth Career Boxing Match

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

One wonders if Gary and Jared Shaw actually believe they're fooling the public.

Last night at the Lucky Star Casino in Concho, Oklahoma, Kevin 'Kimbo Slice' Ferguson continued his sojourn into the world of boxing as he faced and defeated Jesse Porter in the first round of their scheduled four-round bout (it should be noted there is some dispute as to whether Slice's opponent was Porter or Richard Dawson, which is another hilariously sad angle to Slice's boxing foray). If Slice keeps this up, he'll soon replace Butterbean as the 'King of the Four Rounders', which is, well, signifying of nothing even approximating an accolade.

If Slice wishes to or needs to feed his family this way, one can think of worse ways to do so (although one can think of better ways, too). Slice's participation in this charade is regrettable and one wonders how much he's financially taking home after his handlers get their cut, but he's hardly a villain.

The question is how long it will be before Slice crosses the tipping point. He's not demonstrably getting any better and presumably needs double-digit wins to even begin tantalizing someone with a scintilla of a name to face him in what will surely be unregulated territory. Until then, I suppose they'll keep feeding Slice pre-diabetic gas station attendants to render unconscious.

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