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Jason Mayhem Miller Wants a Fight, Tells Fans To Tweet Dana White

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Jason "Mayhem" Miller says he wants to return to the Octagon as soon as possible, and he'd like his fans to pressure the UFC to give him another fight.

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Jason "Mayhem" Miller wants to get back inside the Octagon, and he's hoping his fans can help him.

Miller said on The MMA Hour that he's ready to return to the UFC following his loss to Michael Bisping at December's Ultimate Fighter Finale. And he said he believes his fans could help him get into the Octagon by pressuring UFC President Dana White to book him for another fight.

"You guys tweet Dana that you want to see me fight," Miller said. "I want to fight as soon as possible. So the more pressure that anybody who wants to see me fight, the more pressure they put on the brass, well, guess what? I'll fight sooner."

White was extremely critical of Miller's performance in his loss to Bisping, to the point that some fans wondered if White would cut Miller. Miller said, however, that the UFC has indicated to him that he'll be given another fight.

"I've gotten a head nod, but nothing official," Miller said.

Miller didn't name any particular opponent or any particular event he'd like next.

"Whenever -- I'll fight next weekend," Miller said. "I'm sick of sitting on the couch," he said. "I'm a fighter. I need to fight."