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UFC on FOX 5 results: Daron Cruickshank finishes lopsided win with head kick KO of Henry Martinez

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Every fighter has his own personal highlight reel, and Daron Cruickshank added a new clip to his on Saturday night. It was seven minutes and 57 seconds long, the length of his UFC on FOX 5 fight with Henry Martinez.

Cruickshank obliterated Martinez, battering him throughout, and finally finishing with a head kick knockout just past the midway point of round two.

He'd thrown all kinds of offense for the preceding minutes, hurting Martinez badly in several other sequences, including a kick to the body that bent his opponent over and nearly led to the finish.

"I was always taught take out the body and the head will come," he said afterward.

Good advice.

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While Cruickshank wasn't able to finish after a barrage against the fence, that was only a testament to Martinez's incredible durability. By the end of the round, however, the rout was on.

The second was more of the same until Cruickshank finished. According to stats provider FightMetric, Cruickshank out-landed Martinez in significant strikes 42-11, but even that was not telling of how one-sided it was.

The win was his second straight since joining the UFC, and he's now 12-2 overall.

Martinez, who missed weight by two pounds, costing him 20 percent of his purse, fell to 9-3.