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UFC on FX 6 Undercard Live Blog: Mendes vs. Meza, Pokrajac vs. Beltran, More

Chad Mendes will face Yaotzin Meza on the UFC on FX 6 undercard Friday night.
Chad Mendes will face Yaotzin Meza on the UFC on FX 6 undercard Friday night.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

This is the UFC on FX 6 undercard live blog for the Sotiropoulos vs. Pearson event at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre in Queensland, Australia.

There will be six fights on the undercard. Chad Mendes vs. Yaotzin Meza, Igor Pokrajac vs. Joey Beltran, Mike Pierce vs. Seth Baczynski, Ben Alloway vs. Manuel Rodriguez, Brendan Loughnane vs. Mike Wilkinson, and Nick Penner vs. Cody Donovan will be featured on the prelims.

Check out the UFC on FX 6 undercard live blog below.

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Nick Penner vs. Cody Donovan

Round 1: Marc Goddard is the man in charge. Donovan slips a punch and rushes into the clinch. Penner reverses and plants Donovan against the cage. Donovan works his way out and the two fighters retake the center of the Octagon. Penner crumbles Donovan with a perfect counter left. Donovan regains his senses and throws up a pair of submission attempts from the bottom. Nothing takes, but it's enough to make Penner stand up and rethink his strategy. A huge uppercut drops Donovan. Penner leaps on top but is unable to do anything with it, and eventually the fight retakes the feet. Ooof, Donovan nails Penner in the groin. That one was rough. After the action resumes, Donovan drags Penner to the floor, landing in half guard. Penner finds his way back up, but immediately eats a short left hook. He drops and Donovan swarms. Penner is out. This one is over.

Cody Donovan def. Nick Penner via TKO (strikes) at 4:35 of round 1.

Brendan Loughnane vs. Mike Wilkinson

Round 1: John Sharp is out referee. Loughnane opens with an inside leg kick. Wilkinson misses wildly with a head kick and eats another leg kick for his trouble. And another. Loughnane tosses out a side kick that lands firmly in Wilkinson's chest. Wilkinson turns it up and shoots for a double. He gets it, landing in top position. Loughnane trying to throw short elbows from the bottom but nothing connects. Wilkinson doing a good job controlling the position, mixing in short elbows to the head and body. Loughnane slowly stands and separates. Wilkinson almost gets blasted by a big head kick. Another exchange closes out the round. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 for Wilkinson.

Round 2: Wilkinson opens wildly. Loughnane backpedals on the defensive and eats a huge right hand. Loughnane finds his mark with a short left hook before going back to the inside leg kicks. Wilkinson still pressing forward, winging wild punches. Wilkinson changes levels for a double but Loughnane defends. Wilkinson ducks under a straight punch and charges into the clinch. Loughnane's nose is bloodied. Loughnane blasts Wilkinson with a right hook to the body followed by a hard knee. Wilkinson seems unfazed though and continues to push the pace. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 for Wilkinson.

Round 3: A pair of furious exchanges kick off the round. A wild Loughnane finger finds its way into Wilkinson's eye and Sharp briefly stops the action. Loughnane returns to the inside leg kicks before opening up with his jab. Wilkinson shoots for another double but again is rebuffed. Loughnane leaps and misses with a flying knee. Wilkinson pushes forward with a solid right hand and looks to drag Loughnane to the mat. Loughnane reverses connects with a knee against the fence. Wilkinson gets some separation only to be dropped by a right hand. Loughnane jumps on his fallen opponent but Wilkinson regains his bearings. Loughnane misses wildly with a double knee. Both men are exhausted. Thirty seconds remain in the fight. Both fighters swing with reckless abandon, trading combinations as the final horn sounds. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 for Loughnane.

Mike WIlkinson def. Brendan Loughnane via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

Ben Alloway vs. Manuel Rodriguez

Round 1: Referee Steve Perceval oversees the bout. Rodriguez bull rushes in and slams Alloway to the mat. Alloway works his way to the fence and tries to stand. Rodriguez clutches a leg then trips Alloway back to the mat. Rodriguez advances to half guard, then side control, before taking Alloway's back. Rodriguez trying to soften Alloway up with punches. Alloway squirms out, reverses and stands. Good escape. Furious exchange the moment both fighters get any separation. Rodriguez plummets to mat from what looks like a groin shot. Perceval rushes over and, thinking Rodriguez is knocked out, calls the fight. Oh, no. Perceval confers with commission officials and the action is luckily able to continue. Alloway crushes Rodriguez with a huge front kick to the face as the clock winds down. Wow.

Ben Alloway def. Manuel Rodriguez via knockout (front kick and punches) at 4:57 of round 1.

Mike Pierce vs. Seth Baczynski

Round 1: Marc Goddard is the referee in charge. Baczynski pumps his jab. Pierce lumbers in and drags Baczynski to the ground. Baczynski trying to wall walk up the cage, and he does so successfully. Pierce drops back down for a double. Baczynski defends well but Pierce is suffocating. Baczynski finally gets some space and separates. Pierce dodges a front kick and rushes in, powering Baczynski back to the mat. Baczynski tries to slip out but Pierce simply picks him up and slams him down. Baczynski can't get anything going. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 for Pierce.

Round 2: Pierce wastes little time shooting in and planting Baczynski back on the floor. Baczynski quickly squirms out, and after a brief clinch, retakes the center of the cage. Flying knee nearly lands for Baczynski, and another. Baczynski starting to open up now while he still can. Pierce senses the momentum turning and changes levels for a double. Baczynski defends but winds up with his back against the fence. Baczynski finally reverses out and his urgency is showing. Pierce briefly drops Baczynski with a series of short uppercuts inside the clinch. Baczynski recovers but then slips and Pierce jumps back on top, where he rides out the rest of the round. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 for Pierce.

Round 3: Both men appear exhausted as we kick off the final round. Pierce lunges in and grabs a single, but Baczynski defends successfully. Baczynski is throwing everything he can into his strikes, hunting for the knockout. Pierce wants none of it and clinches. Baczynski fights it off but quickly finds himself back on the mat. Pierce content to stay on top inside Baczynski's guard. Pierce is stifling, Baczynski can't find any separation. Pierce postures up and drops a heavy elbow. Baczynski trying to do anything he can from the bottom. Tired of the inaction, Goddard intervenes and stands the fight up. Pierce immediately closes the distance and trips Baczynski back down. Baczynski working for a triangle from the bottom but Pierce fights it off. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 for Pierce.

Mike Pierce def. Seth Baczynski via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28).

Igor Pokrajac vs. Joey Beltran

Round 1: John Sharp is the man in charge of the action. Beltran immediately unloads a combination and Pokrajac returns fire. Beltran forces Pokrajac against the fence and pummels his body with right hooks. Beltran not shy with his dirty boxing and foot stomps. Beltran separates and briefly uncorks another salvo to Pokrajac's head before clinching back up. Pokrajac can't find an inch of space. Beltran destroying Pokrajac's body with power punches. Pokrajac finally sees an opportunity and nearly drops Beltran with a short uppercut. Wild swing in momentum there. Furious exchange ends the round. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 for Beltran.

Round 2: Beltran wades in with a combination. Pokrajac answers with a leg kick and counter right. Both fighters trading punches with reckless abandon. This one almost just turned into a brawl. Beltran finds his back against the cage when the dust settles. Beltran reverses and works the body. Pokrajac eats a short elbow to the jaw. Beltran content to just control Pokrajac and work his dirty boxing. A short uppercut blast Pokrajac in the groin. That was rough. Both fighters retake the center of the cage when the action resumes. Beltran unloads a series of uppercuts on Pokrajac. Huge combination right there. Beltran presses forward and locks Pokrajac back against the cage wall. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 for Beltran.

Round 3: Pokrajac nearly connects with a head kick, only to once again find himself against the fence. Pokrajac reverses, but it's short lived. Pokrajac muscles out, finding a home for a right hand. Pokrajac drops his hands and dances on his feet, egging Beltran to fight. Beltran rockets a straight punch that prompts to Pokrajac to rush back into the clinch. Beltran continues to work short uppercuts and dirty boxing against the cage wall. Beltran seizes a front headlock and unloads a few knees. Pokrajac finds some separation and he's headhunting. Desperation combinations from Pokrajac, but it's too little, too late. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 for Beltran.

Joey Beltran def. Igor Pokrajac via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

Chad Mendes vs. Yaotzin Meza

Round 1: Steve Perceval is our referee. Mendes finding a home for his leg kicks early. Meza eats a looping right hand. Mendes crushes Mesa with a massive overhand right! Wow. That was brutal. Meza was out before he hit the ground.

Chad Mendes def. Yaotzin Meza via knockout (punch) at 1:55 of round 1.

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