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UFC 154: Georges St-Pierre vs. Carlos Condit media conference call audio

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UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre, interim UFC welterweight champion Carlos Condit and UFC President Dana White spoke to the mixed martial arts media today on a conference call designed to promote the main event bout between St-Pierre and Condit. The two will face off in the main event of UFC 154 on November 17th in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

On the call, Condit discussed training without Greg Jackson, being overlooked by critics and fans as a threat to GSP and more. St-Pierre talked at length about losing his passion for the sport but rediscovering it on his time off, a potential superfight with UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva and if he's feeling pressure performing in his hometown.

White indicated if the Silva vs. GSP superfight actually happens, it could take place in Montreal, a soccer stadium in Brazil or the Dallas Cowboys stadium.