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Alistair Overeem, Golden Glory settle legal issues

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Joe Scarnici

UFC heavyweight Alistair Overeem continues attempts to chart a smoother path towards his future. A few days after UFC president Dana White revealed that the former Strikeforce champion would likely return from his suspension to face Antonio Silva in February, Overeem and his former fight camp and management team at Golden Glory have resolved their outstanding legal issues, reaching a settlement to dismiss dueling lawsuits.

In a press release distributed to the media by Golden Glory through their attorney Roderick J. Lindblom, it was announced the two sides reached an "amicable resolution" to their dispute.

Overeem originally sued Golden Glory last November, alleging that they had refused to pay over $151,000 of money he was owed. He was also seeking a court order to break his existing management contract with them. Golden Glory eventually counter-sued, saying his claims were "scurrilous."

Overeem had been part of the team's stable for over a decade, winning not only the Strikeforce belt but also championships in DREAM and K-1, where he was the World Grand Prix titlist.

According to Golden Glory's release, there were no fewer than six law firms involved in the messy suit.

"Everyone worked extremely hard to resolve these matters so that Management/Promoter KOI/Golden Glory and Bas Boon can walk away and move forward with the Glory World Series Promotion in Europe, Japan and the USA and Alistair Overeem can concentrate on his fighting career with his new manager Glen Robinson at Authentic Sports Management and his new team the Blackzilians," Lindblom said in a statement.

While those legal woes are behind him, the 32-year-old Overeem will still need to stand in front of the Nevada state athletic commission for re-licensure before his UFC 156 bout on Super Bowl Saturday can be made official. He is still currently serving a suspension after testing positive for elevated levels of testosterone in a surprise March screening. He may reapply for a license following the expiration of his suspension on Dec. 27.